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Versatile board mount displays from Display Vision now available at Bürklin Elektronik!

With the EA DOG series, DISPLAY VISIONS has added a series of flat chip-on-glass LCDs with integrated drivers to its product range. They are especially suitable as displays in handheld devices, they are economical in power consumption and can be used directly in 3.3 volt systems.

The compact text and graphics LCDs are less than three millimeters thick and designed as chip-on-glass displays, with the controller already integrated in these displays. The text displays come with built-in character sets, so the high-contrast displays can be soldered directly to the board.

There are five high-contrast liquid crystal technologies to choose from: Reflective as well as transmissive STN, STN with blue background, and black/white positive and negative FSTN. The contrast level can be adjusted by command. Graphic displays can also be used rotated by 180° for mechanical reasons or for better readability, e.g. for installation in the front of a laboratory power supply. In addition, EA DOG displays can be combined with a touch surface.

For the backlight, the user can choose between six colors: White, Yellow/Green, Blue, Amber, Red and Full Color. Additional fixtures are not required. Operation is either via an external series resistor or an LED driver. A sensible operation is already possible from 3 mA.

All panel variants are available in quantities as low as one at Bürklin Elektronik.

DISPLAY VISIONS GmbH also guarantees a very long availability of up to 10 years. This means that supplies are guaranteed even for long-term product lines.

EA Dog series now available at Bürklin Elektronik

EA Dog series now available at Bürklin Elektronik. The EA DOGM132W-5 LCD display (order number 73S1650) and the EA DOGM163B-A LCD module (order number 73S1566) are immediately available for immediate delivery. Discover the complete EA DOG display range from Display Visions now.

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PI DOG board module from Display Visions now available at Bürklin Elektronik

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