eProcurement Service von Bürklin Elektronik

Can you also save up to 56 % on the process costs of each order with Bürklin eProcurement? You can find out right away!

Bürklin eProcurement can save you up to 56 % on process costs associated with each order. In times when savings are needed in many places, our electronic procurement solution offers an excellent opportunity to reduce costs almost immediately.

Implementing Bürklin eProcurement in your company takes only about 15-30 minutes time in average. This means that you will be able to reap the benefits of our electronic procurement solution almost immediately. This applies not only to large corporations but also to small and medium-sized businesses.

But perhaps you are wondering whether Bürklin eProcurement is still worthwhile for your company. With these two simple questions, you can now find out:

Question 1: Are your orders currently requiring a lot of manual effort?

  • Choosing a supplier and the parts to be ordered,
  • Internally coordinating orders,
  • Entering and shipping purchase orders,
  • Checking order confirmations,
  • Entering order data into your internal system, and, and, and ...

Are common order processing procedures like this still performed manually at your business? If so, Bürklin eProcurement offers you great potential for saving.

Bürklin eProcurement allows you to automate many of these tasks so that less manual effort is required. This saves you up to 56 % in process costs related to order processing. (You can find out exactly how this 56 % is calculated in detail in our new white paper on Bürklin eProcurement, which you can download free of charge HERE.)

In addition, Bürklin eProcurement also helps you to avoid typing errors which subsequently have to be identified and corrected by hand such as, when entering order data.

  • The higher the manual effort in your company when processing orders, the higher the savings potential that Bürklin eProcurement offers you.

Question 2: Do you order parts more than twice a week?

Typically, the cost of the process is independent of the order value. This is because a small order typically results in the same internal tasks and costs as a bigger one.

So, the more frequently you order parts, the more process costs you will incur week after week in your company.

But at what order frequency is it worthwhile to use our electronic procurement solution?

  • Our customers' feedback indicated that using Bürklin eProcurement from 3 orders or 10 order items per week was effective in saving process costs.

Did you answer with a 'yes' to both questions?

Then request our free white paper on Bürklin eProcurement now!

In just 7 minutes of reading time, you can learn even more about the advantages of our electronic procurement solution. Furthermore, in the whitepaper, we also present the numerous options/possibilities for the technical implementation of our eProcurement solution.

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Do you already use a procurement platform? No problem!

Bürklin eProcurement support these platforms, among others:




Simple System



SAP Ariba





Would you like to learn more about exactly how Bürklin eProcurement can be incorporated into your organization?

Our eProcurement team will be happy to consult you free of charge. You can reach them Monday to Friday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. by phone at +49 89 55875-110 or contact us by e-mail at eprocurement@buerklin.com.

Your contact: Robert Mattheus

Your contact:
Robert Mattheus

+49 89 55875-110

Bürklin eProcurement is available in two versions:


Bürklin eProcurement
without using the EDI interface

Direct access to all product data of the Bürklin online shop (e.g. item descriptions, prices, stocks).

Depending on the specific design of the solution, this access is realized by the regular import of our data into your system or by a dynamic connection between the Bürklin online shop and your system.

The dynamic connection then also enables real-time data provision, so you always have access to up-to-the-minute data.

In the BASIC version, the data can be provided via:

  • OCI
  • cXML-Punchout
  • API
  • BMEcat
  • Stock Report

Bürklin eProcurement
with using the EDI interface

The comprehensive solution where you use our EDI interface in addition to accessing Bürklin product data.

This allows you to transmit orders directly from your ERP system to Bürklin Elektronik and, if you wish, you can also receive all documents such as order confirmation and invoices directly into your system via this interface.

In this way, you reduce further manual effort - and thus save even more on process costs.

Our EDI interface supports...

  • all documents: e.g., enquiry, quotation, order, order confirmation, invoice
  • all data formats: e.g., EDIFACT, EANCOM, IDOC, openTRANS, CSV
  • all transmission types: e.g., HTTP(s), FTP, SFTP, OFTP2, e-mail, X.400, AS2