Heat Shrink Products

Heat Shrink Products

Heat shrinkable products

Heat-shrinkable products include, for example, the so-called heat-shrinkable tubing. When exposed to heat, these special tubes contract and enclose damaged wires or cables. The resulting insulation reliably protects against damage, but also against environmental influences such as dust and moisture. Heat-shrinkable products therefore sometimes prevent short circuits. Depending on the material, temperatures of around 120 to 200 degrees Celsius are required for the shrinking process. Hot air guns with special nozzle attachments are often used for the heating process. Heat-shrinkable tubing is generally used wherever cables have to be repaired or laid. Heat-shrinkable products are also used for the electrical insulation of open solder joints. Precisely because of their water-repellent properties, shrink tubing is also popular with automotive workshops for repairs. In addition to heat-shrinkable tubing, there are also heat-shrinkable sleeves. Damaged areas are enclosed with the aid of an adhesive tab. The sleeve is then heated and fits tightly around the area to be repaired, reliably sealing it.

Heat-shrinkable products at Bürklin Elektronik

Bürklin Elektronik has a broad product portfolio of heat-shrinkable products. Entire assortments of heat-shrinkable tubing, assembled in a practical case, are also available for your use. Furthermore in our online store: Heat-shrinkable caps and molded parts. If you have any questions about individual products, please contact our experts at Bürklin Elektronik! We will advise you in detail: info@buerklin.com! You can also find more information in our online magazine.

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Inner diameter before shrinkage 2
Inner diameter side 1 (after shrinkage)
Heatshrink tubing, 2:1, (2.4/1.2 mm), Polyolefine, cross-linked, black
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