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When mechanical processes result from electrical signals, you have arrived in the world of electromechanics. The interaction of a large number of high-quality components results in performance-efficient processes for a wide range of applications. The basic task of electromechanics: The reliable monitoring and control of mechanical systems. Each electromechanical component is equipped with individual features and thus plays a decisive role in the quality and functionality of the overall process.

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Frequently asked questions about electromechanics

What is electromechanics?

Electromechanics is part of electrical engineering and essentially describes mechanical processes that are driven by interaction with electrical energy.

What are the electromechanical devices and components?

A wide variety of components are integrated in electromechanical processes. Ideally matched individual components are crucial for a smooth process. Switches, buttons, housings and sensors: each component has a specific task in electromechanical systems. Fuses, circuit breakers and fans prevent overvoltages and reduce fault susceptibility. Relays, contactors and printed circuit boards are also essential for successful conversion of electrical signals into mechanical effective force.

Where is electromechanics applied?

Electromechanical systems exist in almost every conceivable area of life. Especially the control, monitoring and regulation of machines and processes in the course of automation technology is a popular field of application. Electromechanics is also important for medical technology and transportation, including aerospace. The functionality of numerous electronic devices and machines is also based on the conversion process.

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If electrical signals are to cause mechanical reactions, specific components and electronic components are needed to produce this. In the Bürklin Elektronik online store, you can obtain suitable material from the manufacturers Bourns, Schneider Electric and Schurter, among others. WAGO and Fluke also present themselves with first-class components and complement the extensive overall range of Bürklin Elektronik.

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