APEM is a leading manufacturer in the field of human-machine interface (HMI). The company develops, produces and distributes pushbuttons, buttons, joysticks and various control panels that are necessary for controlling machines and devices.

Founded in France, APEM- Group is now present in eleven countries.

Together with APEM, Bürklin Elektronik offers the manufacturer's quality products in its online store.

APEM: Focus on product development

APEM Headquater

Since its foundation in 1952 in Montpezat-de-Quercy in France, APEM has developed into a globally active company. In doing so, the APEM Group attaches great importance to the ongoing development of its products. Resulting from this: a reputable expertise in the field of HMI.

In production, APEM relies on in-house specialists. From the in-house design and tooling department to injection molding, assembly, final inspection and various tests: nothing is left to chance in manufacturing, and every step of production is characterized by the highest professionalism and quality.

Longevity and robustness particularly characterize APEM's models. The interfaces have proven themselves many times over in harsh environments: External influences such as dust, moisture, mud, grease or hydrocarbons have no effect whatsoever on the service life of the products.

The pushbuttons, switches, joysticks and control panels are used in medical, instrumentation and telecommunications, security, industrial automation and transportation applications.

Top product categories: Toggle, slide and pressure switches

APEM products are in high demand from our customers - especially the robust toggle, slide and pressure switches.

Toggle switches

Toggle switches must be easy to operate by hand. First-class material and high-quality workmanship are basic requirements. APEM is a guarantor for highest quality and therefore also our manufacturer partner for first-class toggle switches.


The switches can either be soldered on or attached to the device with a flat plug connection. They have two to three latching positions and, depending on the model, also have special seals between the switch and the housing. This makes the switches also suitable for outdoor applications.

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toggle switches from APEM

Slide switches and coding switches

A slide switch has sliding contacts and can be operated directly by hand. It is usually used to switch on or off or to lock or unlock smaller electronic devices.


The APEM slide switches impress with their robustness. The individual models have different slide lengths. In addition to the straight switches, side switches from APEM are also available in the Bürklin Elektronik online stor

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Slide switches and coding switches from APEM

Pushbutton switches

By pressing down a pushbutton switch, the switching mechanism of a device is triggered instantly. The reliable pressure switches from APEM convince with their user-friendliness, durability and robustness.

Bürklin Elektronik's online store offers both illuminated and non-illuminated models. The range also includes products in various colors, shapes, materials and sizes.

View pushbutton switches from APEM
Pushbutton switches from APEM

Top Products: Miniature toggle switches, coding slide switches & pushbutton switches

5000 Series Miniature Toggle Switches

This miniature toggle switch with solder connection has a notched lever, on which the lever handles, which can be ordered separately, can be placed without twisting.

It is considered to be resistant and durable: at rated current, the switch survives 50,000 cycles, at low current even 100,000 cycles.

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5000 Series Miniature Toggle Switches from APEM

NDS type coding slide switch

This APEM NDS type switchgear has two switches as well as sealed connections and fiberglass-reinforced bases, housings and slides. The actuating force for this NDS series model is 10 Newtons.

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NDS type coding slide switch from APEM

IS series pushbuttons

The single-pole, non-illuminated pushbutton with tactile feedback can be mounted via snap-in mounting or single-hole mounting. The compact and lightweight pushbutton impresses with its extremely long service life of one million cycles.

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IS series pushbuttons from APEM