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What would electronics be without its numerous cables and wires? The connecting elements enable energy and signal traffic in the most diverse fields of application. They have a significant influence on the efficiency and safety of full-scale technical processes. Depending on their intended use, cables and wires can be equipped with special functional features. Cable markers, ties and glands are part of cable management. This makes it easy to prevent the threat of cable tangles in extensive projects.

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Frequently asked questions about cables and wires:

What is the difference between cables and electrical conduit?

Electrical cable and wire basically have the same function: they transmit electrical energy and, in a broader sense, information from a source to a consumer. Incorrectly, the terms are often assigned to one and the same product, or they are even used oppositely. One difference lies in the insulation. While cables are always insulated and consist of several single conductors, wires can also be uninsulated and consist of only one single conductor.

What are cables and how are they constructed?

A cable consists of several individual electrical conductors, which are jointly surrounded by insulation and thus protected from external influences. For better protection, including against mechanical damage, cables are also often laid in the ground or inside walls and other structures.

What are wires, and how are they constructed?

We encounter cables every day. They are usually made up of several individual conductors, but they may well consist of only one individual conductor. Like cables, some lines are protected by an outer rubber sheath. However, they are also available uninsulated, as can be seen from the example of overhead lines.

What should I look out for in cables and lines?

Cable types and line types vary according to function and place of use. We have summarized what these are and further information on the subject for you in a detailed article.

To ensure that everything functions smoothly and without failures, sufficient cable protection and a sophisticated cable management are also indispensable. Taking PV systems as an example, it is clear that intelligent cable solutions for solar systems can increase efficiency and simplify maintenance. In medical technology, too, all components used must be optimally coordinated to ensure error-free data transmission.

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The Bürklin Elektronik online store offers high-quality cables and wires from well-known manufacturers such as Gossen Metrawatt, Stäubli or Mueller Electric. You will find assembled cables, connecting and control cables, single cores, wires as well as stranded wires and heat shrinkable products.

Single core or multi-part cabling? Whether you are looking for a complete product solution, want to order a very special cable, or need additional accessories - you will find what you are looking for at Bürklin Elektronik. The practical filter function makes your product research easier. Simply select all the desired article features and you will receive search results tailored to your specific needs.

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