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Small parts with an immense effect: semiconductors are essential components of many electronic devices and are therefore an indispensable part of the modern electrical industry. They have an average conductivity that lies between that of metals and non-metals. Semiconductor components come in a wide variety of designs. Thanks to their versatility, they are used in small and large electronic devices and in the manufacture of transistors.

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Frequently asked questions about semiconductors as an electronic building material

What is a semiconductor?

Electronic semiconductors have properties of conductors, but also of insulators. Their conductivity increases in relation to temperature and decreases again when the temperature decreases. Semiconductor components used to be made mostly of germanium and are now mostly made of silicon.

What are semiconductors used for?

Semiconductors are used in a wide variety of industrial sectors and are among the fixed components of numerous technical devices. For example, they can be found in computers, electronic household appliances, smartphones and various embedded solutions. In these, they are installed in the form of microcontrollers, integrated circuits (Ics), optoelectronic components and processors. The automotive industry also benefits from semiconductor technology in e-mobility.

Why are semiconductors so important?

Increasingly, semiconductors are now being used for AI processes, as well as in the entertainment industry. Demand is enormous, constantly increasing, and making the active components more and more precious worldwide. Combined with problems in production facilities, bottlenecks in availability have become a widespread affliction.

Semiconductors from Bürklin Elektronik - active components for your project

The Bürklin Elektronik online store includes various semiconductors with extremely high efficiencies: Relays, optocouplers, thyristors and diodes of all kinds. Proven classics or innovative market novelties - in cooperation with our product partners we offer you a wide selection of electronic components for your personal project. In our online store you will find semiconductors from renowned manufacturers such as Phoenix Contact, Schurter, Weidmüller, Infineon and Texas Instruments.

The practical and extensive filter function allows you to find your desired product quickly and easily. Any requirement regarding material, type and performance can be taken into account.

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