Notes on the disposal of old electrical equipment

Do not dispose of old devices in household waste. Waste electrical equipment contains valuable resources that can be recovered and reused in recycling processes. Likewise, they may also contain harmful substances that must not be released into the environment.

1. How to recognize electrical appliances?

Waste equipment on which a crossed-out wheeled garbage can is depicted represents such electrical and electronic equipment that must be disposed of separately in accordance with § 10 ElektroG.

This crossed-out trash can means that electrical and electronic equipment does not belong in the household trash. You must hand in the old equipment at a collection point. Before handing in, you must separate used batteries and accumulators that are not enclosed in the old device from the old device.

2. Your commitment

According to § 10 ElektroG, you as the end user are obliged to dispose of old devices separately from unsorted municipal waste. You must separate used batteries and accumulators that are not enclosed in the old device, as well as lamps that can be removed without damaging them, from the old device so that they can be disposed of separately. You can return the old electrical equipment to an official collection point. We are also obliged to take back your old electrical equipment, so you can also hand it in to us (Bürklin GmbH & Co. KG, Grünwalder Weg 30,D-82041 Oberhaching).

3. Our take back obligation

As a distributor, we are obligated to take back old electrical equipment. We take over the professional treatment, recycling and disposal free of charge for you according to the legal requirements.

a) When you shop with us in Oberhaching, you have the opportunity to return your waste electrical and electronic equipment yourself directly and free of charge in household quantities. As a distributor of electrical and electronic equipment, we are legally obligated to take back old equipment free of charge. This is not linked to the purchase of an electrical or electronic device and is independent of the "ElektroG categories". We may refuse to accept old equipment if there is a risk to the health and safety of people due to contamination.

b) When shipping as part of an order via our online shop, the following return provisions apply:

Take-back when buying small and large equipment

If you buy a device from the following categories, you can request a free collection. As a retailer, we are legally obliged to offer you this service. The old device must essentially have the same functions as the new device.

During the purchase process in the online shop, you can choose if you would like your old electronic device to be picked up free of charge. You will then be given the opportunity to hand in the old device to a parcel service provider free of charge. In the case of freight forwarding goods, it is possible that the old device will be taken away when the new device is delivered; You will be informed in good time.

Please note that no desired date can be agreed. On the day of collection, which you will be informed of after consultation with the parcel service, the old device must be ready for handover between 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. Batteries, rechargeable batteries and lamps that can be removed without destroying them must be removed from the old device. It must be packaged securely for transport and the dimensions and weight of the consignment must not exceed the maximum values of a package. Please also make sure that you delete all existing personal or sensitive data before handing in your old device.

Lamps and small devices with an edge length of less than or equal to 50 cm (categories 3, 5 and 6) cannot be picked up from home. You can bring them back to us free of charge after your purchase or hand them in at another collection point in your area.

You can find the nearest collection point at

c) Taking back small devices at collection points

Small old devices with a maximum edge length of 25 centimeters can be returned to us in normal household quantities free of charge, even without buying a new device. Old devices can also be handed in at the collection points of the public waste disposal authorities (collecting points of the cities/communities - recycling depots) or at the collection points set up by manufacturers and distributors within the meaning of the ElektroG.

You can find the nearest collection point at