Our Sponsoring Activities

At Bürklin Elektronik, we are proud to support talented and dedicated student teams such as e-gnition Hamburg and the TUfast Racing Team. Our sponsoring activities are specifically designed to promote innovative projects in youth and student research.

Our Sponsoring Projects from 2023


e-gnition - We start towards the future

No other nation in the world loves cars as much as the Germans. That is why new technologies such as electromobility are being worked on at full speed in this country, in order to be able to meet the new challenges such as environmental awareness, more sustainability, as well as autonomous driving.

This was both the incentive and the starting signal for e-gnition Hamburg, the Formula Student Team of the Technical University of Hamburg. As a newcomer in the 2011/2012 season, they managed to put a driving race car on wheels within one year as the only team so far. This was followed by their first overall victory at a Formula Student event as early as 2018. In addition, e-gnition Hamburg has been a participant in the Formula Student Driverless competition from the very beginning, competing for the top places with its autonomous electric race car.

In order to meet the diverse requirements of the electric, as well as autonomous disciplines, a team of around 60 students from various disciplines at the TUHH is working on the necessary design and manufacturing. The result is a racing bolide that is well worth seeing: in addition to its impressive acceleration behavior, it trumps with its agile handling, as well as the integrated sensor technology for autonomous driving.

Bürklin GmbH & Co. KG believes in e-gnition and supports its promising ideas and work with indispensable material. Because without the countless small electronic components, no racing bolide could take off.

For more information, please visit: www.egnition-hamburg.de


TUfast Racing Team - On the pole position with Bürklin Elektronik

The TUfast Racing Team of the TU Munich is a student association of highly co-edited budding engineers who have set themselves the goal of designing, constructing and manufacturing a new formula racing car every year as part of the Formula Student SAE competition. All of them comply with the strict Formula SAE regulations and can therefore take part in the corresponding competitions all over the world.

At the international competitions, students meet racing teams from all over the world and represent their own university in various disciplines. The competitions take into account not only the driving dynamic qualities of the car, but above all its design, costs and the fictitious marketing concept of the racing car as a small series.

In the process, the TUfast Racing Team has won its last six international competitions in the electric category, putting it in first place in the global rankings.

In 2021, TUfast will build a racing car for the first time that can race both with a driver and autonomously. Here, as in previous years, Bürklin Elektronik promotes the commitment of the TUfast Racing Team and supports the innovative developments in the laboratory and workshop with active and passive components, housings for the installation of the electric circuit and also with various workshop equipment.

For more information, please visit: www.tufast.de