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For a component to take on a supporting role in electronic processes, it does not need a control or regulating function. Passive components are the best example of this: they manipulate the flow of current in a circuit in various ways. While capacitors store electrical energy, resistors, on the other hand, have the effect of regulating the flow of current. Unlike their active relatives, however, these components can neither amplify nor direct signals.

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Frequently asked questions about passive components in electronics

What are active and passive components?

Unlike active components, passive components can neither amplify nor control signals. Instead, they have the task of absorbing energy in a circuit, converting it or storing it.

What types of passive components are there?

Depending on the effect to be achieved, potentiometers, trimmers, capacitors, inductors or resistors are used, for example.

What are the advantages of passive components?

Passive components can be used reliably primarily because of their robust design. This ensures stability and makes them less susceptible to wear - particularly important in application areas such as aviation and medicine. They are also more cost-efficient to manufacture than active components and, thanks to their generally small size, are easy to integrate into circuits.

Passive components from Bürklin Elektronik

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