Sustainability at Bürklin Elektronik
Our commitment towards a green future

Sustainability at Bürklin Elektronik: Our commitment to a green future

Our journey towards a green future

Laying foundations and helping to shape the future. With this motto, we aim to actively promote a more sustainable use of resources and a conscious relationship with nature as an distributor of electronic components.

  • Laying foundations: When it comes to our shared future, we want to lead by example and make the best possible decisions. Our company founder Dr. Hans Bürklin already set important cornerstones in this context. With the reconstruction of an existing commercial building into a sustainably designed company building, the promotion of e-mobility for employees and environmentally conscious decisions in warehouse and product management, significant steps have been taken in recent years.
  • Helping to shape the future: Change requires innovative solutions - and the right partners. Bürklin Elektronik wants to play an active role in shaping a sustainable and climate-friendly living environment. Together with our manufacturer-partner companies, we are in close exchange about options and developments and support scientists in researching innovative and environmentally conscious mobility solutions. Because the future of all of us is at stake.
Jürgen Lampert - CEO of Bürklin Elektronik

At Bürklin Elektronik, we are aware of our responsibility towards the environment and future generations. We are therefore actively committed to reducing our ecological footprint. The goal: to lead by example, to continuously improve and to offer our customers the best possible products and services with a clear conscience.

Jürgen Lampert, Chief Executive Officer

A sustainable home for Bürklin Elektronik

Global change starts at home. Climate-conscious action begins within one's own four walls. In 2010, we made a conscious decision not to build a new building but to revitalize an existing commercial building in Oberhaching. In the process, concrete concepts were realized during the conversion to enable a far-reaching contribution in favor of a sustainable future.

The measures at a glance

  • Optimized thermal insulation shell over existing halls and administrative buildings<
  • Installation of a ventilation system with heat recovery
  • Air-to-water heat pump with 450 liter buffer tank
  • Cooling of the building via a groundwater heat pump
  • Use of wood materials for all possible building components included thermal insulation
  • Triple-glazed wood-aluminum windows with integrated light-directing sun protection lamellae
  • Daylight-dependent artificial light control
  • Sustainable outdoor facilities, where seepable, vegetated gravel replaces the asphalt parking lot
  • Sustainable energy management
A sustainable home for Bürklin Elektronik
Photovoltaic system from Bürklin Elektronik

Next step – PV installation: We become electricity neutral!

What a source of power! An important step in our efforts to achieve greater sustainability: the establishment of a smart energy management system that minimizes the building's energy requirements by 80 percent and thus conserves valuable resources. The remaining energy demand is covered with the help of geothermal district heating - and by solar energy from our PV systems installed in 2019.

We made a conscious decision in favor of solar energy. Firstly, because the structural conditions of our company building had all the necessary parameters. On the other hand, because the use of solar energy is a particularly resource-conserving and sustainable form of energy generation, and we want to set a good example. After all, protecting our climate starts with each and every one of us.

Sustainable energy generation with our PV system: performance and environmental balance sheet

73,71 MWh

Power generation

43.93 t CO2 (per year)

Environmental relief


Trees saved

Logistics: Energy-efficient warehouse management with a clear conscience

Small actions - big impact. In the area of warehouse management, the task was to clarify the handling of packaging materials. We asked essential questions and took trend-setting steps.

Sustainable measures to reduce plastic and save energy in logistics

  • We reduce the use of plastic by using alternative packaging materials.
  • Recycling in-house: Two recycling machines for films and cardboard press packaging materials and co. into solid bales, which are then passed on to recyclers. The result: an efficient recycling loop.
  • There's more: A sustainable lighting system provides illumination for the logistics hall. The result: energy savings of between 30 and 60 percent (depending on the season).
Logistics: Energy-efficient warehouse management with a clear conscience in logistics at Bürklin Elektronik
Promoting mobility: sustainable travel with Bürklin Elektronik through JobRad

Promoting mobility: sustainable transportation

The time is right. Whether privately or on the job, we also want to inspire and motivate our employees to switch to sustainable forms of mobility outside our company home. The following mobility benefits are available to our team:

  • The e-charging stations on our premises can be used by employees free of charge.
  • We offer our employees the option of leasing the most suitable bicycle through Jobrad. Our employees can use the bike to travel to the office as well as privately.

Sustainable product management: the right comrades-in-arms

Better together. Reliable partners in our efforts to create a sustainable society are our manufacturing partners. We are in close contact with them regarding the development of new, sustainable product lines and the company's own sustainability reports.

Of course, it also takes dedicated measures in the area of product management to achieve environmentally compatible changes.

Bürklin Elektronik has also taken concrete steps in this important area:

  • Excess Stock Return: Excess stock is transferred to our partners, who make the products available to other customers. We can also access the excess stock of other companies through these partners.
  • System-based order management: Both inventory and order quantities are continuously optimized. The result: a reduction in goods deliveries.
REACH and RoHS conformity at Bürklin Elektronik

Compliance: REACH and RoHS conformity

Lawful & conscious. Bürklin Elektronik is committed to following certain guidelines. Central to us as an electronics distributor:

  • REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals) regulates the registration, authorization, restriction and evaluation of chemical substances.
  • RoHs (Restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances): This EU directive regulates the use and placing on the market of hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment.
More information about REACH and RoHS compliance

Sponsoring: Shaping the future!

Future begins now. The necessary efforts to create a better world are, of course, beyond our capabilities. We know: If we want to achieve an effective turnaround in the way we treat our environment, we also need to support experts in their search for alternative solutions. That's why we support scientists at renowned universities who are researching all aspects of e-mobility.

Get an overview of the projects we sponsor!

Bürklin Elektronik promotes e-mobility through sponsorship