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Modern buildings are full of technology. This is used automatically for networking, safety and control processes to keep the buildings in perfect condition. From private households to public building complexes: Intelligent system solutions are used in many places today and can ensure smooth processes in many complex warning and maintenance processes.

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Frequently asked questions about Facility and Automation

What is automation technology?

Automation technology can make any production and maintenance processes independent. Programmed software based on compatible hardware takes over the control and regulation, which should reduce human intervention in the production processes.

What is automation, and what is the goal?

The greater the degree of mechanization in the processes concerned, the closer we get to the final stage of automation - complete automation. The deliberate reduction of human intervention in various processes is intended not only to cut personnel costs, but also to reduce the susceptibility to error of the ongoing processes at best.

Where is automation technology applied?

Automated processes are mostly found in machine-based manufacturing processes or in connection with facility management of buildings. In both scenarios, human intervention should be largely reduced in favor of cost efficiency and quality assurance. In building automation, for example, intelligent processes ensure controlled temperature or seamless security systems. With regard to smart buildings, automation is an indispensable factor.

What does automation technology involve?

This involves working with various control units as well as signal heads and converters. Lighting and sensors are also essential tools in the context of automation technology. Pneumatics, i.e. working with air pressure, is also used as a driver in the course of corresponding processes. Special PLC computers (PLC = programmable logic controller) are often used for control and regulation tasks.

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