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In electrical engineering, it is important to ensure a continuous and trouble-free power supply. Various types of energy sources serve this purpose. Batteries, rechargeable batteries or special power supply devices guarantee the continuous flow of energy and thus smooth operation in households, businesses and industry. In the Bürklin Elektronik online store, we offer a wide range of accumulators, batteries, transformers and power supply units - including matching accessories!

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Power Supplies & Batteries: Types and functions

Power supplies and various batteries and accumulator products provide power to electronic equipment and machinery. Special uninterruptible power supply (USP) devices guarantee continuous operation even in the event of power failures or disturbances in the grid.

How does an uninterruptible power supply work?

An uninterruptible power supply (USP) is designed to ensure the flow of electricity in the event of any disturbances in the power grid. Specifically, a USP protects against power failure, overvoltage, undervoltage, harmonics and frequency deviations. Particularly in critical operations such as hospitals, USP devices maintain the power supply in the event of prolonged power outages such as blackouts - and thus ensure that operations run smoothly.

In Bürklin Elektronik's online store you will find a large selection of power supply units, including USP for your needs.

Batteries: What types of batteries are there?

Basically, disposable batteries and rechargeable batteries can be distinguished in the battery segment. Since the chemical material used in production determines the capacity, power and voltage in a battery, battery types are classified by naming the chemical system used.

Among others, the following battery types are offered by our manufacturing partners:

  • Zinc chloride batteries
  • Alkaline-manganese batteries
  • Zinc-air batteries
  • Silver oxide batteries
  • Lithium batteries

When selecting our products, we rely on the expertise of our partner manufacturers. Among others, we carry quality models from RECOM, Harting, Phoenix Contact, Siemens and Raspberry Pi.

Using our integrated filter in the search function, you can quickly and easily select the right product - whether for supplying mobile devices or integration in vehicles and industrial machines. You are sure to find what you are looking for in our online store.

Further product groups & ordering at Bürklin Elektronik

A large part of the components for power supply as well as batteries are available for you immediately. In our online store you will also find additional products and tools for power supply and storage such as battery clamps, holders and connectors. In the measurement technology section, we also carry suitable electronic test and measurement equipment for your needs.

If you have any questions about our products, please contact your Bürklin Elektronik representative directly. Our customer service can be reached at any time at the e-mail address info@buerklin.com and will take care of your request.

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