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Whether in companies, on construction sites or in industry: Precise and reliable testing and measuring devices as well as flawless accessories are essential for manufacturing and work processes. Whether scales, electrical measuring devices or spare parts - in the Bürklin Elektronik online store you will find first-class products from our top manufacturers, clearly arranged and filterable in detail. Practical service: Bürklin Elektronik will also calibrate your device on request.

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Frequently asked questions in the field of test and measurement technology

What are test and measuring instruments used for?

Basically, test and measurement devices are used in the operational and industrial sector as well as in the private environment. With the respective device, it is possible to reliably determine or measure many different environmental variables. The choice of measuring instrument is made with a view to the value to be determined and matched to the object or quantity to be measured. While scales, for example, provide reliable values about the weight of objects, special oscilloscopes measure electrical voltages.

What types of measuring instruments are there?

Depending on the field of application and the quantity to be measured, the type of test instrument to be used differs. Various scales, such as laboratory scales or hanging scales, measure the weight of a particular object. Measuring devices for environmental variables and loads, in turn, determine measured values such as temperature, humidity, air flow, gas content or pressure. Electrical measurement technology, on the other hand, provide information on electrical values such as voltage, current and resistance.

The following categories of test and measuring instruments are available in the Bürklin Elektronik online store:

  • Power analysis meters, line testers & cable testers
  • Laboratory power supplies, current sources & loads
  • Panel meters
  • PC measurement technology and data loggers
  • Measurement accessories
  • Balances and accessories
  • Measuring instruments for environmental variables and loads
  • Electrical measuring instruments

In order to obtain precise and reliable measured values, regular calibration of test and measuring equipment is important.

What is calibration?

During calibration, the measurement results of the respective device are compared with a defined quantity. The deviation between this value, known as "normal", and the value measured by the measuring device is recorded in the calibration protocol. Contrary to common assumptions, calibration does not involve any adjustment of the measuring instrument, but merely documents the measurement accuracy. The adjustment or trimming of the measuring device is considered an independent process.

Calibration service from Bürklin Elektronik

As a Bürklin Elektronik customer, you no longer have to worry about calibrating your measuring instrument! Everything you need for maintenance and testing of your instrument will be supplied to you by our experts right away. Especially practical: If you wish, we will calibrate your instrument according to the ISO 9000f quality standard!

Contact our calibration service now.

Measuring and testing technology at Bürklin Elektronik

Bürklin Elektronik offers reliable measuring and testing equipment for detecting and measuring voltages and other physical quantities. From stationary measuring equipment to mobile, handy testing devices: The diverse range includes products for numerous industries. Whether measuring devices for electrical quantities, cable test equipment or laboratory power supplies: In our online store, you will find the right test or measuring device.