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New at Bürklin Elektronik - Marquardt presents: Snap action switches and microsignal switches for precision and reliability

Marquardt, the leading manufacturer of mechatronic switching and operating systems, presents the model series of sub-subminiature snap action switches and microsignal switches

1055/58 series sub-subminiature snap action switches

Marquardt's 1055/58 Series sub-subminiature snap action switches feature precision and reliability. These single pole switches are versatile and can be used as normally closed, normally open, and changeover (SPDT momentary) contacts. They use gold-plated silver (Ag) fixed contacts for excellent conductivity and durability.

These switches feature solder or printed circuit board connections to meet the most demanding requirements. With a mechanical life of 500,000 switching cycles, they are rugged and can withstand temperatures from -40 °C to +85 °C. Their IP67 certification ensures that they are dustproof and waterproof.

At Bürklin Elektronik they are now available and offer:

  • Precision and reliability
  • Ruggedness and performance
  • Ready for demanding environments
  • Durability

Series 1065/68

In the world of electronics and automation, safe switching is fundamental to numerous applications. Marquardt's 1065/68 series microsignal switches are known for their exceptional ruggedness thanks to their black PBTP housing.

With an electrical life of 200,000 switching cycles, they are extremely durable. These switches are available in a variety of styles, including models with and without mounting pins in various lengths. The 1065/68 series offers normally closed, normally open and changeover contacts, as well as various cable lengths and application areas, including the automotive sector, electronic equipment, fuse and alarm systems, and office and communications equipment.

With their IP67 certification, they are dust and waterproof and ideal for demanding environments. These switches offer silent switching, which is particularly important in noise-sensitive applications, and ensure high switching reliability thanks to their double contact system and longer overtravel for precise switching operations.

They are now part of the Bürklin Elektronik range. Small switches, big effect:

  • Robust design
  • Variety of designs for different requirements
  • IP67 certification for protection against dust and water
  • Noiseless switching
  • High switching reliability and long overtravel

Discover Marquardt's snap-action switches and microsignal switches now!

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