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SCHURTER CHS 1: capacitive pushbutton for invisible installation with surface illumination

Available immediately at Bürklin Elektronik

CHS stands for "Capacitive Hidden Switch". This button can be installed invisibly behind almost any non-conductive control surface and thus enables completely new possibilities for the design of control surfaces.

Capacitive operating elements require a power supply; this generates a constant electrical field on the surface of the sensor (actuator). Touching the sensor with a finger, which is itself surrounded by an electric field, causes a reaction on the part of the button. The button notices: Aha, now I have to do something. The switching process is thus triggered by the interaction of two electrical fields. Touch screens in smartphones or tablet computers work according to this principle.

But the SCHURTER CHS goes one step further. Even a proximity with the finger is sufficient for this field change. This is achieved The sensitivity of the new push-button can be adjusted particularly finely. is. Thus, a field change can be detected even by an upstream user interface made of almost any non-conductive material (glass, wood, plastic or similar).

With the new CHS, SCHURTER offers a pushbutton that can be used in a wide range of applications. New application possibilities are opening up. SCHURTER CHS - the invisible pushbutton!

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3-132-513 13G5050
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