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Single Pair Ethernet (SPE): Phoenix Contact and Bürklin Elektronik shape the future of industrial communication

Phoenix Contact's Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) opens up new possibilities for industrial communication by enabling seamless networking from the sensor to the cloud - with just a single twisted pair of wires.

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is the vision of a fully networked industrial production where everything and everyone is connected. People communicate with machines, machines with products and products exchange data with each other. The number of participants and the volumes of data to be exchanged are reaching almost unimaginable dimensions. To overcome this challenge, a common language and clear rules are required - the Ethernet protocol.

The M12 hybrid connector for Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) from Phoenix Contact is a pioneering innovation that makes it possible to combine data and power in a single system. With its two circuits, each of which can carry 8 A and up to 63 V, it opens up transmission rates of up to 1 Gbit/s. The innovative hybrid design of these connectors saves valuable space and responds to the trend of miniaturization. The weight reduction and simplification of the system opens up completely new areas of application and cost-saving opportunities for our customers.

Bürklin Elektronik is proud to offer its customers access to innovative solutions such as the M12 hybrid connector. Phoenix Contact and Bürklin Elektronik are at the forefront of shaping the future of industrial communication and turning the vision of IIoT into reality.

M12 hybrid connector for SPE from Phoenix Contact
Now available at Bürklin Elektronik: the new M12 hybrid connectors for SPE from Phoenix Contact.

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