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Phoenix Contact is a leading developer and manufacturer of industrial electrotechnical and electronic products. The German company, headquartered in Blomberg, offers versatile components and systems in the field of electrical engineering, electronics and automation.

In Germany, Phoenix Contact is one of the top three manufacturers in this field and is considered one of the global market leaders as well as a creative innovator. The company has been operating internationally since the 1970s and is active in more than 100 countries.

In cooperation with Phoenix Contact, Bürklin offers many of the manufacturer's premium products on its online platform.

Phoenix Contact: from Essen via Blomberg to the entire World

Since the company's beginnings in 1923, Phoenix Contact has been committed to innovation and to providing the highest quality.

The Essen-based businessman Hugo Knümann, along with his company Phönix Elektrizitätsgesellschaft Hugo Knümann GmbH & Co. KG initially specialized in overhead line fittings for streetcars.

With the invention of the terminal block, Knümann set a benchmark in terms of innovation. The endeavor to offer and sell premium products in the electrical sector was further intensified, especially after the company was taken over by power engineer Josef Eisert and his descendants.

The company headquarters finally moved from Essen to Blomberg in 1966, where it had been located for a short time during the Second World War.

From the 1970s onwards, "Phoenix Terminals", as the company was now called, already offered a wide range of electronic products: from PCB connectors to relays and converters to power supplies. In order to better present itself on the international market, the name of the company was changed to Phoenix Contact.

In the 1980s, Phoenix Contact gained a foothold in automation technology and developed innovative and high-quality manufactured products: from HMI panels and industrial PCs to various software and intelligent automation systems such as PLC controllers and remote I/O systems, as well as much more.

The combination of traditional values, many years of experience and the constant exchange with other experts forms the basis of the company's sustainable quality claim - and continues to determine the company philosophy.

Top product categories: Device Connectors, Industrial Components and Electronics, Industry Management and Automation

Since its invention by founder Knümann, the modular terminal block has been one of Phoenix Contact's top product categories. Phoenix Contact's main business areas are Device Connectors, Industrial Components and Electronics, and Industry Management and Automation.

The premium products in these areas are characterized above all by their high-quality workmanship. Both the functionality and the design of the models are constantly reviewed and further developed. This is how Phoenix Contact managed to become one of the leading German companies in the industry - a reliable partner for Bürklin Elektronik.

Device Connectors

Phoenix Contact is a leading supplier of device connection technology and develops innovative solutions for connecting devices in various industrial and infrastructure sectors.

Electronic equipment manufacturers have access to a wide range of products (over 60,000) to implement advanced solutions for signals, data and power transmission.

In addition, Phoenix Contact offers customized services - from user-friendly configurators to individual new developments - to meet specific requirements. As a partner, they accompany customers throughout the entire design-in process, from the initial idea to series production of their products.

Device Connectors from Phoenix Contact

Industrial Components and Electronics

Phoenix Contact is a leading global supplier of industrial connection technology and electronics. In the extensive range you will find everything you need for the construction and operation of control cabinets and systems.

In addition, Phoenix Contact offers customers software solutions for efficient planning as well as various services and systems to increase productivity in the area of control cabinet and plant engineering. With the help of digitally described components, end-to-end systems and services, Phoenix Contact is actively shaping electrification and networking in a changing world towards greater sustainability.

The product range includes terminal blocks, PCB terminal blocks, industrial connectors, switching devices, interface technology, as well as surge protection and power supply products. In addition, Phoenix Contact also manufactures a variety of marking systems, tools and assembly materials.

Industrial Components and Electronics from Phoenix Contact

Industry Management and Automation

With innovative solutions in the field of digitalization and a creative approach, Phoenix Contact is committed to a more sustainable future. The PLCnext Technology automation ecosystem offers practical answers to problems such as the shortage of skilled workers as well as the need for flexibility, increased efficiency and adaptability.

Together with their customers, Phoenix Contact develops customized industrial solutions for different sectors such as the energy industry, process industry, infrastructure and factory automation. Thanks to many years of experience in these industries, they support their customers in positioning themselves for the future and making their industrial systems safe.

The extensive range of products includes not only an open hardware platform, modular engineering software and access to the global community of experts from the IT and OT sectors, but also the easy integration of apps via an industrial marketplace for software solutions. In addition, the company offers high-performance automation components such as I/O modules, industrial communication technology as well as functional safety mechanisms and industrial PCs.

Industry Management and Automation from Phoenix Contact

Top products from Phoenix Contact: Socket connectors and sensor-actuator cables

4-pole socket header in the assortment of Bürklin Elektronik

The 4-pole PCB connectors are used for the reliable connection of conductors on printed circuit boards for the transmission of signals.

The advantages of the socket header are versatile. On the one hand, the robust design ensures high durability and reliability. On the other hand, the simple handling enables fast and uncomplicated assembly, which saves time and costs.

In addition, the socket header from Phoenix Contact impresses with its high performance and interference immunity. It is therefore ideal for use in industrial environments where reliable transmission of data and signals is essential.

Overall, it's an excellent choice for anyone looking for a stable, powerful, and easy-to-use socket header.

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4-pole female connector in the assortment of Bürklin Elektronik

Sensor-actuator cable with M12 SPE cable connector straight, green

The sensor-actuator cable from Phoenix Contact is perfect for anyone who needs a reliable and fast connection. With a transmission rate of up to 1Gbit/s, reliable data transmission is guaranteed.

The halogen-free Single Pair Ethernet CAT B cable is also extremely space-saving and can be easily installed in confined spaces. The M12 connectors for the Single Pair Ethernet are standardized according to IEC 631715 (IP67) and enable secure device connection or even flying connections. The overmolded patch cables offer reliable 360° shielding thanks to the innovative Advanced Shielding Technology.

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Sensor-actuator cable with M12 SPE cable connector straight, green at Bürklin Elektronik

Female connector, 12 pole, pitch 1.27 mm, angled

The SMD female connector takes data transmission to a new level. For the first time, the board-to-board connector with 1.27 pitch offers high-speed data transmission at up to 28 GBit/s in the established market standard and new design possibilities.

The gold-plated contact points enable long-term stable signal transmission and currents of up to 2.3 A. With customer-specific simulations in the development process for data integrity and design-in support during device development using MCAD/ECAD data, design processes also become more time-efficient.

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Female connector, 12 pole, pitch 1.27 mm, angled

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