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Stranded hook-up wires, 25 mm², 9.3 mm, 450 V

  • Rated voltage: 750 V
  • Test voltage: 2.5 kV
  • min. temp (unmoved): -30 °C
  • Max. temperature (unmoved): 70 °C
  • min. temp (moved): -5 °C
Order No. 94 F 9010

Order information
Order multiple: 10 m sections or 100 m bundles


€ 63.07
There are 40 meter in stock

scale from 10 from 50
Price* per meter € 6.307 € 5.712

 High-voltage stranded wire, PVC insulation, type H07V-K

Nominal conductor cross-section 25 mm²
Outer Ø 9.3 mm
Rated voltage U0 450 V
Rated voltage 750 V
Test voltage 2.5 kV
min. temp (unmoved) -30 °C
Max. temperature (unmoved) 70 °C
min. temp (moved) -5 °C
Max. temperature (moved) 70 °C
The above illustration may deviate
  • This fine-wired stranded wire is suitable, among other things, for wiring electric motors and transformers. Thanks to the robust PVC protective layer, they withstand numerous external impacts.
  • A special type of application is the use in flush-mounted pipes for signal systems, such as industrial warning lights or light columns. Of course, you can also use these stranded wires for lights in the household or office.
  • Please note that you can benefit from our advantageous scaled prices for large order quantities.
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