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Soldering and Desoldering Tools

Soldering and Desoldering Tools

Joining metals together can be quick, effective and economical with the latest soldering technology. Simple soldering, such as soldering two wires together, can be handled with just a hand-held electrical or gas soldering iron and some solder. Racks offer more convenience and safety. Demanding tasks require professional soldering stations and suitable accessories. For commercial work in particular, solder containing lead should not be used, as per the RoHS Directive. To protect components and people, heat-resistant mats and solder fume extraction units are indispensable. For filigree work, for example on SMD components, it is better to use fine soldering tools and replaceable soldering tips. With appropriate care, these last for a long time. If components have to be separated, desoldering tools are used, enabling reuse of components without damaging PCBs.

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