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Mains adapter PPH-1503

Order No. 24 K 1131

Manufacturer name

Good Will Instrument

Manufacturer No.



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Technical features

Manufacturer information

Manufacturer name Good Will Instrument
Manufacturer number PPH-1503
GTIN 4719692501158
Country of origin Taiwan
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GW Instek PPH-1503 Programmable High Precision High Speed DC Power Supply
PPH-1503 is a high-speed and high-precision DC Power Supply with dual range of 15V/3A or 9V/5A. PPH-1503 is exclusively designed to meet low power consumption requirements and users’ great demands of accuracy, speed and resolution of both voltage and current. Circuits are designed with swift response capability to provide a stable voltage output while experiencing load changes. For example, when switching cellular phone from standby to talk mode, the current consumption will be dramatically changed within milliseconds. When load current exceeded current limit, two operational modes: Limit and Trip can be selected. Under Limit mode, PPH-1503 will automatically switch to constant current (CC) mode. Under Trip mode, voltage output will automatically turn off.

PPH-1503 is designed to provide prompt response to the current change for recovering the output voltage at a minimum variation. The high sampling rate allows fast readback in voltage and current measurement to expedite products’ testing speed, which is able to increase the test throughput of production. Sink function can be used to test the battery charger of portable devices. The high precision performance of PPH-1503 provides the measurement capability in low power consumption level. One built-in DVM (Digital Volt-Meter) with input ports is designed to measure any point on DUT while PPH-1503 is outputting voltage and current. Besides, two ports are located on the front and rear panel which users can only select one to perform tests based upon their connection convenience. PPH-1503 is an ideal power source for production lines, R&D laboratories, device inspection, maintenance centers or facilities with the requirements of a swift and precise power supply with DVM.

In the testing of assembling LED backlight module into products such as TV, Monitor, Tablet and NB, the minimum requirement of current resolution should be at least four digits. Different sized LED backlights require different current consumption. Most LED backlights are 150mA, in which, ordinary power supplies could not provide the above-mentioned high current resolution of four digits. However, PPH-1503 provides 0.1mA (equivalent to 4 4/5 digits) current resolution under 5A setting as well as rapid transmission time of both measurement and commands to fully satisfy the testing requirement of current resolution so as to raise the production capacity. To achieve high working voltage requirements, PPH-1503 can be in series with GW Instek GPR-H series power supplies to conduct the testing of high voltage products.

Fast Response to Load and Voltage Changes
When DUT such as cellular phone switches to idling, receiving or transmitting mode, the current drawn from power supply changes over tenfold. The sudden current change will cause the supplied voltage to drop as well. The conventional power supply is considered a dull device since it will take several milliseconds for the dropped voltage to return to the original level. PPH-1503 is designed to simulate battery response when a significant voltage drop occurs. Recovery time of 40 us or less is guaranteed when the maximum voltage drop is within 100mV. Moreover, when users change the voltage level and conventional power supply does not have sufficient speed to reach the set level, PPH-1503 provides rise time of 0.15ms and fall time of 0.65ms, which are hundreds times faster than that of the conventional power supplies.

Measurements for Power Consumption Analysis
One particular requirement of power consumption for portable wireless communications devices is Pulse Current. Portable devices such as cellular phones must transmit and receive (detect) signal periodically by drawing pulse current instead of constant current from battery to ensure devices’ sound connection in network. To analyze the transient power consumption of a DUT, the peak of short pulse current and average current measurements over a long period of time are crucial. PPH-1503 provides pulse current and long integration functions, the former can measure the peak value of a pulse, the latter can measure the average value of pulses. PPH-1503 provides DUT with pulse current measurement and analyzes the transient power consumption to qualify the device for specified power consumption requirements.

Accurate Low Current Measurement
PPH-1503 provides 0.2%+1uA read back accuracy and 0.1uA resolution for high precision of current measurement. For example, when portable device works in the sleep or standby mode, the current is drawn at a low level. The low current consumption under standby or sleep mode can be measured accurately.

Sink Current
Chargers are often attached to portable battery operated devices. PPH-1503 can sink current, acting as an electronic load, and simulate discharged function of rechargeable batteries. The maximum current is up to 2A. Users can test either battery charged or discharged without changing test equipment.

Built-in Digital Voltmeter
PPH-1503 contains a built-in auxiliary DVM (Digital Volt-Meter) with dedicated input ports located on both front and rear panel. Consequently PPH-1503 not only provides power source for DUT but also measures the voltage from any point on the circuit of DUT. The accuracy of DVM measurement is the same as readback accuracy. Both DVM ports can be remotely controlled by SCPI commands via a PC. The built-in DVM function widely supports various voltage applications, therefore, users DO NOT have to purchase extra voltage meters.

Pulse Current Measurements
PPH-1503 DC power supply can perform current measurements for pulsing loads. To avoid false pulse detection, users can use a trigger level of up to 5A. All pulses, noise or other transients that are less than set trigger level will be ignored. The manual integration time range setting is 33 us to 833,333 us. Pulse current measurement can measure transient current consumption to provide the information for the allocation of power supply system for products’ preliminary design, i.e. power supply circuits, battery selections for clients’ product analyses. Portable communications products, i.e. RF modules and designs based upon blue tooth system can better use pulse current measurement function.

Long integration
Long integration is an average current measurement of one or more pulses. A pulse edge can be used to trigger the start of a measurement. The long integration time period must be a full period or integer multiples of a complete period of the measured pulse current and can be set to a maximum of 60 seconds. Long integration analyzes products’ overall power consumption at a certain period of time, for instance, measuring the power consumed from beginning to the end of a phone call for a cellular phone so as to analyze all parameters of RF module.

External Relay Control
PPH-1503 provides Limit relay and Trip relay modes and is equipped with corresponding output ports, in which output signals control external relay. Under Limit relay mode and the current limit is reached, PPH-1503 will switch from Constant Voltage to Constant Current automatically. Under “Trip relay” mode and the current limit is reached, PPH-1503 will turn output off. Furthermore, External Relay control can be used if users simultaneously use other devices for test system. When “Limit Relay” mode is selected and the current limit is reached, External Relay control signal will go high and will return back to the low level when the current level goes back below the constant current setting. When “Trip Relay” mode is selected and the current limit is reached, the relay control signal will go high and the output is disabled. When the output goes back on and the current is less than the current setting, the relay control signal will back to the low level. Users can use relay control signal to control other devices for test system.

Selectable Front/Rear Ports for Power Outputs and DVM Inputs
Either front or rear panel provides power supply output and DVM input ports for users’ connection consideration. The above-mentioned panels can only be used one at a time. Therefore, this special feature of PPH-1503 not only fits in production lines but also is widely used for R&D laboratories, device inspection or maintenance centers.

Users can remotely control PPH-1503 by particular PC software, in which several functionalities are included: voltage/current output control, voltage measurement, pulse current measurement and long integration. To augment the original functions, waveform display function of pulse current measurement and voltage output program function are also brought into the functionality list. The former displays waveforms of measured pulse current on the computer screen. The latter allows users to produce waveforms of predetermined voltage output by programming which can be set to the maximum steps of 20 and each step is 1ms to the fastest. PC software can be downloaded from GW Instek website
  • Conformities

    RoHS compliant (08.06.2011)
    REACH not relevant
    PAK not specified
    PFOS not specified
    SVHC free (15.06.2015)
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