JBC: technological leader in the soldering field

With more than 90 years of experience, JBC is a global industry leader. The company's soldering and rework tools stand for quality and innovation.

JBC is best known for its soldering stations. These make it possible to work at particularly low temperatures. The intelligent heating control ensures increased performance. Thanks to the ergonomic handpieces, you always have everything "under control" with JBC soldering stations.

In addition to soldering and desoldering stations, the Spanish company also offers a wide range of soldering tips, desoldering tips and nozzles in its product portfolio.

The JBC solder fume extraction system also contributes to a professional and, above all, healthy workplace. The system efficiently extracts harmful soldering fumes as needed. Even when the tool is at rest, an innovative, integrated vacuum system absorbs any fumes.

Top product categories: Soldering stations, soldering tips and lots of accessories

In addition to soldering stations and soldering tips, the JBC product range also includes storage stands, spare parts and other accessories. At Bürklin you will find the top product categories of the Spanish manufacturer in various designs. Discover them now!

JBC soldering stations

Soldering stations usually consist of a soldering iron, a tray and a control unit. They are used to create a conductive connection between two metals through the use of a soldering iron and solder.

JBC soldering stations are characterized by their space-saving design and modular construction. Both make them particularly flexible to use. The Premium Line stations can also be combined with each other. This makes it possible to connect different handpieces and deposit stands to the same station. Also handy: Thanks to the USB connection, several soldering profiles can be stored.

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JBC soldering stations at Bürklin Elektronik

JBC soldering tips

Soldering tips represent the most important part of the soldering iron. They are usually interchangeable and vary in size and shape. JBC offers a wide range of different soldering tips, which are particularly impressive due to their advanced technology.

This is based on excellent heat transfer thanks to a compact element that reduces thermal barriers. Immediate heating is ensured by an integrated thermal sensor that initiates rapid temperature recovery in the heater.

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JBC soldering tips at Bürklin Elektronik

Storage racks, spare parts and accessories from JBC

JBC's deposit stands provide efficient, intelligent heat management. The peak temperature is automatically lowered below the melting point of the solder. In addition, the handpieces are automatically detected by the deposit stand and put into a resting state.

Time saving included: Due to the quick tip change, which the JBC deposit stands allow, several soldering applications can be carried out without switching off the station.

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Top Products: Compact Desoldering Stations, Precision Stations & Digital Soldering Stations

JBC Compact Desoldering Station CS-2F

The CS-2F desoldering station from JBC is ideal for small and medium-sized SMD soldering jobs. The advantage here: The filigree micro tweezers heat up simultaneously on both sides. This makes it easy to remove SMD components.

The compact desoldering station features an electric vacuum pump for maximum precision and an intelligent "Sleep & Hibernation" function. Another plus: More than 20 parameters can be personalized for the individual soldering process.

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JBC Compact Desoldering Station CS-2F at Bürklin Elektronik

JBC Precision Soldering Station B.IRON

The optimal choice for precision soldering: The B.IRON precision soldering station is powerful, lightweight and versatile. It is fully compatible with C210 series soldering tips and features Bluetooth connectivity.

The soldering tool can be controlled and configured conveniently and easily on the tablet via an app. The charger integrated in the stand charges the tool in idle mode to prevent oxidation. Also built into the stand: a quick cartridge changer and a tip cleaner with brass wool and anti-splash membrane.

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JBC Precision Soldering Station B.IRON at Bürklin Elektronik

JBC digital soldering station CDE-2BQA with soldering wizard

The highlight of the JBC digital soldering station is the innovative Soldering Assistant. The Soldering Assistant is the first of its kind to measure the energy delivered during the soldering process. The result: improved solderability and more efficient, higher-quality production. The selection of the optimum temperature and cartridge is also significantly simplified by the Soldering Assistant.

In addition to a cartridge holder and extractor, the device also features convenient sleep and hibernation modes. These ensure that tip life is up to five times longer. Also included in the device: a complete cleaning system with anti-splash membrane.

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JBC Digital Soldering Station CDE-2BQA with Soldering Wizard at Bürklin Elektronik