For more than 50 years, BERNSTEIN has been one of the most important manufacturers of hand tools for the electronics industry.

Why BERNSTEIN tools?

Large potential differences lead to electrostatic discharges (ESD). The resulting spark or breakdown causes serious damage when working on or with electronic components. Components and electronic units must be protected from these discharges, as they not only lead to direct damage, but can also cause latent errors. Latent defects mean that components that have been exposed to these electrostatic discharges have experienced degradation, which, however, did not result in any immediate damage. The failures or underperformance arise later and can lead to major warranty cases. To avoid such discharges.

That is why the use of high quality ESD tools is a basic requirement and always an economically sensible decision. All Bernstein ESD tools comply with the ESD standard IEC 61340-5-1

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