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Leckstrommessgerät GLC-9000

Order No. 24 K 1077

Manufacturer name

Good Will Instrument

Manufacturer No.



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Technical features

Manufacturer information

Manufacturer name Good Will Instrument
Manufacturer number GLC-9000
GTIN 4719692504555
Country of origin China
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GW Instek GLC-9000 Leakage Current Tester, Touch Panel with Color LCD Display
GW Instek GLC-9000 is a rich- featured Leakage Current Tester. Besides AC/DC Withstanding Voltage Test, Insulation Resistance Test and Ground Bound Test, Leakage Current Test has been performed by the manufacturers of medical electrical equipment and general electric & electronic devices to ensure that the products are designed and built in compliance with the safety regulations. With GLC-9000 joining the family, GW Instek now has a broader coverage of the safety tester market.

The GLC-9000 Leakage Current Tester, is designed to fulfill the requirements of leakage current (or touch current) tests for the compliance of various standards including EN 60601-1 (IEC 60601-1) for medical electrical equipment, and EN 60990 (IEC 60990) for most of the IT products, home appliances and other electric and electronic devices. As medical equipment is mostly used in direct contact with the patient over a long period of time, a high standard of human body protection must be provided and seriously checked during both product design and manufacturing phases. The general electric and electronic devices normally have to comply with the leakage current test regulations by “type testing”. Some manufacturers, however, tend to perform leakage current test during manufacturing process to ensure a higher safety level with their products. The home appliances being used in the wet environment, like refrigerator, air-conditioner and wash-machine are the typical products needing leakage current test in the manufacturing. Please see the most popular safety standards applied to various product categories as follows:
Standard No. Applicable Electrical Equipment
IEC 60950 Information Technology Equipment
IEC 60335 Household and Similar Electrical Appliances
IEC 60065 Audio, Video and Similar Electrical Appliances
IEC 60745 Hand-held Motor-Operated Electric Tools
IEC 60598 Luminaries
IEC 61010 Electrical Equipment for Measurement, Control, and Laboratory Use

Each of the above IEC safety standards includes a paragraph of leakage current test regulation, which refers to IEC 60990 standard. IEC 60990, in the sense, is the supplement of Leakage Current Test regulation of all these safety standards. As Leakage Current Test is the only item among all the safety test regulations that needs to be done under the device-power-on condition, GLC-9000, with a universal power socket installed in the front panel, is able to accommodate the test for various products with different power standards. According to Leakage Test standards, a measurement network (or Measuring Device, MD) should be used as the human body impedance simulation while the EUT (equipment under test) is taking the leakage current test. GLC-9000 provides 9 measurement networks in compliance with IEC 60601-1, IEC 60990 and various safety standards and regulations such as UL and JIS etc.

To simulate the flow path of leakage current under different conditions as specified by different regulations, GLC-9000 provides 8 measurement modes to comply with most of the popular standards:
1. Earth leakage current (current flows from protective grounding wire of the device through human body to earth)
2. Enclosure to earth leakage current (current flows from enclosure of the device through human body to earth)
3. Enclosure to enclosure leakage current (current flows through human body between two isolated parts of the enclosure of the device)
4. Enclosure to line leakage current (current flows from enclosure of the device through human body to power line terminal)
5. Patient auxiliary current (current flows through one terminal of the applied part of device to human body and then to another terminal of the same applied part of device)
6. Patient leakage current I (current flows through an applied part of a device to human body and then to the ground)
7. Patient leakage current II (current flows through an applied part of a device, which is under single-fault operation, to human body then to the ground)
8. Patient leakage current III (current flows through an applied part of a device, which is under single-fault operation, to human body then to an F type applied part of the same device)

The GLC-9000 is equipped with a 5.6” TFT LCD touch panel to provide a user-friendly operation environment. The on-screen soft-keys, the measurement setting information and the test result can be displayed on the LCD simultaneously. 50 sets of front panel setting, which conform to IEC 60990 and other popular standards, are stored in the memory for easy recall and operation. In addition, 30 sets of empty memory are available for the storage of user defined settings.

A Meter mode, which uses the front panel measurement terminal (T1/T2) to measure voltage like an ordinary voltmeter does, is also available with GLC-9000. Since the voltage measurement of SELV (Safety Extra Low Voltage for double insulation against electric shock), is necessary for the compliance of some standards, GLC-9000 provides SELV measurement feature to fulfill the requirement.

RS-232, GPIB, USB Host/Device are provided as standard for GLC-9000. The programmability and all the features coming along with GLC-9000 make this product a professional tool for the leakage current measurement in the market today.
  • Conformities

    RoHS compliant (08.06.2011)
    REACH not relevant
    PAK not specified
    PFOS not specified
    SVHC free (15.06.2015)