Coaxial Cables

Coaxial Cables

Coaxial cables for signal transmission in television and satellite technology

Coaxial cables are often referred to as satellite or antenna cables, or in abbreviated form as coax. These are two-pole cables that transmit signals in the high-frequency (HF) range. For good transmission quality, it is recommended to use a coaxial cable with a copper inner conductor and a high-quality shield. These cables can be distinguished primarily by the inner conductors and the shielding. Inner conductors consist of either a solid wire or a stranded wire, where several thin individual wires together form an electrical conductor. Shielding is differentiated between simple and reinforced versions. The higher the degree of shielding, the more effectively the coaxial cable is protected against signal interference.

Coaxial cables and suitable accessories at Bürklin Elektronik

The right tool is essential for professional installation. Depending on the connection, coaxial cables are mounted either with screw or crimp connectors. If the connection between the cable and the socket on the respective device is to be made with an F connector, a crimping tool is required for the installation. With N plugs, a screw connection is possible. In the Bürklin Elektronik online shop you can choose from various coaxial cable types in the usual sizes. You can also obtain the appropriate accessories. If you have any further questions about the range, please contact! You can also find more information in our online magazine.

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Video cable for 4K-UHD transmissions in high resolution, 75 Ω, HFV 0.6/2.8, FRNC, green
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Available: 124 mtr.
75 Ω
4.5 mm
1 x 0.6 mm
-20 °C
80 °C
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