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Processing wiring, conductors and cables requires accuracy and reliability of the tool. KNIPEX provides precision tools such as pliers (for example crimping pliers), side cutters and end cutters as well as screwdrivers and wire cutters for such activities.

Crimping and insulating made easy - with tools from KNIPEX. The manufacturer's crimping pliers, wire strippers, nippers and screwdrivers are available from Bürklin Elektronik. Continue to the product overview!


KNIPEX: Pliers expert for more than 135 years

Pliers that are better: That is the claim that the company from Wuppertal places on its tools. In order to optimize work processes for electronics technicians and engineers, the plier’s manufacturer further develops existing models and designs new types of pliers. Whether concerning the raw material or the final production of side cutters or crimping pliers: Every development step serves to improve the product.

Quality and safety for everyday work: The decisive factor for the function of a pair of pliers is their precision. In addition to pliers, the company also provides a wide range of screwdrivers, wire cutters and multifunctional tools. For transport, the manufacturer offers shockproof and airtight tool cases. A fall protection on the tool prevents pliers and co. from getting lost.

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Company portrait Knipex

Gripping, pinching, and twisting made easy

From specialists for specialists - KNIPEX draws on extensive knowledge in the field of tool manufacturing and development and is constantly reinventing the pliers. The company tests and optimizes ways of transmitting force to further simplify activities in the field of cabling. The company is also constantly testing ways to make the tools even easier and faster to use. The focus is on optimizing products for customers.


Top product categories: from crimping pliers to side cutters - precision tools from KNIPEX

Electrical tradesmen need tools that can be used with precision for their activities. After all, reliable and accurate cutting, gripping, shaping, pinching, crimping and stripping of wires, cables and conductors must be guaranteed. KNIPEX relies on the highest precision in the manufacture of its pliers and tools to ensure optimum application.

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Electronics pliers from KNIPEX: side cutters, end cutters & Co.

To separate materials in an uncomplicated and reliable manner, the tool must meet the requirements of practical use. Side cutters and end cutters have a cutting edge that is available with a bevel (in different sizes) or without a bevel. Depending on the further processing or connection wiring, the cutting surface becomes correspondingly smooth.

KNIPEX designs versatile side cutters and end cutters for practical use. Especially for the processing of components that react sensitively to electrostatic discharges, the manufacturer offers handles with multi-component sleeves. Charges can be dissipated, and the component is not damaged.

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Crimping, insulating, and pinching off with crimping pliers and crimping pliers from KNIPEX

Crimping pliers and crimping pliers are suitable for the quick stripping, stripping, and crimping (pressing) of conductors, cables, and test leads. Electrical tradesmen rely on multifunctional tools that can be used for different conductors (for example, single-wire, multi-wire, or fine-wire). KNIPEX produces pliers that are primarily characterized by ease of use and long durability.

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Gripping pliers from KNIPEX: Water pump pliers and gripping pliers for the handicraft industry

According to the different fields of application, gripping pliers are needed that adapt to the respective conditions. Due to the variable sliding joints, the opening width of the gripping jaws from KNIPEX can be flexibly adjusted. After the joint pin has engaged, the setting is fixed. Grip jaws with toothed surface provide more grip during use.

Water pump pliers and grip pliers (locking pliers) from KNIPEX are characterized by high-quality materials.

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Top products: Tool cases, crimping pliers, and wire strippers for electronics technicians.

Tool cases from KNIPEX - ROBUST KNIPEX product series

For on-site use and organization of pliers and tools, KNIPEX offers tool cases. The product is comfortable to carry and convinces with its shock resistance. The surface and the closures are impermeable to air, water, and dust. Another advantage is the automatic pressure equalization valve on the tool case 00 21 34 HL S2 from KNIPEX.

The ROBUST tool case also includes four screwdrivers (PH), four Phillips screwdrivers (PZ), three pliers and a cable cutter - a good basis for everyday use on the store floor.

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Crimping pliers of the KNIPEX MultiCrimp® product range

To make everyday work more efficient, it is recommended to use the crimping pliers KNIPEX MultiCrimp®. These pliers make crimping cables, electrical conductors and test leads easier. The included interchangeable magazine and five crimping dies allow crimping of different cable thicknesses and types.

The crimping tool is made of chrome vanadium electrical steel, which makes the tool more resistant to abrasion and corrosion. Chrome Vanadium alloy tools are strong, durable, and suitable for demanding work applications.

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Wire stripper KNIPEX MultiStrip 10 for insulation work

For manual work in the field of electrical installation technology, the use of a wire stripper is recommended. With the MultiStrip10, stripping is possible without readjustment. Furthermore, the pliers offer fully automatic adjustment to all single-, multi- and fine-wire conductors with standard insulation.

The use of the stripper prevents damage to the conductors. The clamping jaws hold the cables firmly without slipping and without damaging the remaining insulation. Integrated is a deep wire cutter for Cu and AI conductors (multi-wire up to 10 square millimetres and single wire up to 6 square millimetres).

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