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KNIPEX - The pliers brand

Less is more: we concentrate on a single product group and achieve noticeable advantages in quality and performance. That's why Knipex is the world's leading brand of pliers today.

Knipex Company Profile

Since 1882, when Carl Gustav Putsch founded a small tool forge in Cronenberg, the German family-owned company Knipex has been manufacturing high-quality tools which are used in the professional sector in the trade and industry.

Today, over 1,000 employees in Germany manufacture around 40,000 pliers (such as combination pliers, cutting pliers, stripping tools, crimping pliers, water pump pliers, gripping pliers, etc.) for a wide variety of applications every day and export them to over 100 countries. Load capacity, longevity, ergonomics and precision make Knipex pliers sought after worldwide by professional users in industry, mechanics and trade, because they guarantee ideal handling and first-class results even under difficult conditions.

The history of Knipex

  • 1882 Carl Gustav Putsch and a journeyman and two apprentices found a small smithy for pliers in Cronenberg.
  • 1900 Carl Gustav Putsch purchases the first drop hammer. The whole house trembles at the operation of the hammer.
  • 1922 After the death of his father, Carl Putsch takes over the management of the company.
  • 1927 27 employees produce about 7,000 pliers per week.
  • 1942 Carl Putsch develops the "KNIPEX" brand and registers it.
  • 1954 The grandson of the company founder, Karl Putsch, takes over the management of the company.
  • 1974 The "Alligator" is launched on the market: a new type of water pump pliers with a self-locking jaw for pipes and nuts.
  • 1982 In the hundredth year of its existence, the company has 390 employees.
  • 1984 KNIPEX develops the water pump pliers "Cobra".
  • 1988 The "Cobolt" compact bolt cutter is launched on the market.
  • 1991 The Rennsteig-Werkzeuge company in Thuringia becomes part of the Knipex Group.
  • 1994 The "pliers wrench" is developed: A completely new tool with parallel gripper jaws for gentle gripping even of smooth surfaces.
  • 1996 Ralf Putsch takes over the overall management of the company.
  • 2003 ORBIS becomes part of the Knipex Group in Ahaus/Münsterland. 2006 Knipex takes over the company WILL in Neustadt/Hessen.
  • 2012 The KNIPEX Group now employs more than 1,300 people.
  • 2015 The number of employees worldwide rises to a total of 1,500. 1,000 employees now manufacture around 40,000 pliers for over 100 countries at the Wuppertal-Cronenberg site.

Short presentation of the most successful product series from Knipex

Alligator: Water pump pliers with more power and comfort. 9-stage detent adjustment for 30% more gripping capacity.

Cobolt: For powerful cutting even of larger cross-sections and very hard materials. Cuts components such as bolts, nails, rivets etc. up to Ø 5.2 mm.

Cobra: High-tech water pump pliers. Adjustment at the push of a button directly on the workpiece. Self-clamping on pipes and nuts, no slipping on the workpiece, energy-saving operation.

ErgoStrip: For fast and precise stripping of all common round and moisture-proof cables, data cables and coaxial cables.

SuperKnips: Precision pliers for the finest cutting work, e.g. in electronics and precision mechanics. Shear cut with controlled micro cutting edge offset for ultra-precise cutting of even the thinnest wires and a long service life.

TwinForce: The superior power side cutter with the patented double joint. Optimum transmission due to double joint construction.

X-Cut: Powerful, light and universal. Cuts precisely finest wires as well as multi-wire cables and hard piano wire. Push-through joint, maximum stability with low weight.

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