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Accessories for Power Tools

Accessories for Power Tools

If tools have an electric power source, such as a mains powered motor or a rechargeable battery, they fall into the category of electric tools. Drills, hot air guns, percussion drills and many other devices of this kind are used in workshops and on construction sites for all types of manual work - with the right accessories you can get even more out of these practical tools.

As extensive as the selection of power tools is, as varied is the range of accessories available. Here are some examples of the products available:

  • Batteries and battery packs - as a replacement or secondary power source (e.g. lithium-ion batteries) for continuous use of various power tools.
  • Chargers and charging stations - for charging specific power tool batteries.
  • Tool cases - for safe storage and transport of high quality power tools.
  • Tips, blades and attachments - for more precise or coarser work with plastic cutters, hot air guns or electric screwdrivers...

Quick and easy ordering of accessories for power tools

Whether to replace broken components, for maintenance or to extend their basic functions, power tool accessories are extremely practical in many situations. We offer high-quality complementary products, even for older equipment from renowned manufacturers. If you miss something in our online shop, do not hesitate to contact us (+49 89 55875-230). We are also happy to procure tools and aids outside our range for you.

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