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Barcode Scanners

Barcode Scanners

Scanners are input devices used for digital data acquisition. With the help of sensors, a scanner records analog data such as texts, codes or objects and transforms them into a digital form using an A/D converter. This enables a computer to recognize and process the data. Scanners are available in different versions, each serving a different purpose:

  • Barcode scanners - can scan one- or two-dimensional codes and are increasingly used in retail, inventory or ticket scanning.
  • Photo scanners / slide scanners - serve to digitize analog slides and photos
  • Digital pen - also called pen scanner or Smart Pen. They are available in two different versions: one type transmits information to a computer or other terminal as it is being written, while the other type stores data by moving the pen over it.
  • Document scanners - feed pages and digitize them. Document scanners with a duplex unit can simultaneously scan the front and back sides of a document.
  • Flatbed scanner - scans documents, photos or books by placing the item on the flatbed.
  • Data recording devices - record data on a mobile basis and are used, for example, in warehouses, in production or for ticket control

Multifunction printers, which are scanners combined with Printers, can also be found in Bürklins product range.

Questions about scanners or other products

If you would like detailed advice before purchasing a scanner, please contact our customer service department. You can reach them by telephone on +49 89 55875-230 or by sending an E-Mail to

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