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New at Bürklin Elektronik: High-speed board-to-board connectors up to 28 GBit/s from Phoenix Contact

Oberhaching, 10/31/2023: Bürklin Elektronik adds the Finepitch FR board-to-board connectors from Phoenix Contact to its product range. This opens up a world of faster data transmission.

These innovative connectors enable impressive data rates of up to 28 Gbit/s and are available in 1.27 mm pitch. The leap in performance made possible by this series is based on intelligent component design and quality-oriented production. Phoenix Contact offers special simulation services to ensure data integrity and nominal impedance in customer applications.

The scalability of the board-to-board and wire-to-board connectors with even numbers of poles from 6 to 100 ensures high flexibility in component selection. Mezzanine and co-planar applications are just as feasible as mother-daughter connections. The sophisticated contact design also allows flexible alignment of the PCB. This ensures compatibility with the previous FP 1.27 series and the relevant market competitors. The gold-plated contact points enable long-term stable signal transmission with currents of up to 2.3 A. Bürklin Elektronik is pleased to add these impressive connectors to its product range and offer its customers access to this high-performance technology.

Bürklin Elektronik adds Finepitch FR board-to-board connectors from Phoenix Contact
Now part of the Bürklin Elektronik product range: the Finepitch FR board-to-board connectors from Phoenix Contact

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