Perfect cables for reliable servo drives

Discover ÖLFLEX® SERVO FD zeroCM:

  • The highly flexible, halogen-free cable for your demanding applications
  • Maximum flexibility, oil resistance, and EMC protection
  • Perfect for manufacturing, automation, and more

The benefits of LAPP ÖLFLEX® SERVO FD zeroCM

  • Revolutionary zeroCM® technology:
    With a fully electrically symmetrical cable design, this technology reduces leakage currents by up to 60%, ensuring outstanding stability and performance.
  • One protective conductor instead of three:
    Through the innovative design, we enable a faster and error-free connection with just one protective conductor - for maximum efficiency.
  • Extended installation lengths:
    Thanks to the EMC reduction at the frequency converter, you achieve almost double installation lengths, optimized for your most demanding projects.
  • Future-proofing:
    This cable is ready for upcoming drive generations with higher clock frequencies, ensuring you're prepared for future advancements.
  • Safety in focus:
    Halogen-free and flame-resistant materials minimize potential fire risks, providing you with the safety you need.
  • Durable drag chain usage:
    Cables that meet the LAPP 'Core Line' performance class offer excellent lifespan for medium travel distances and increased accelerations.
  • Weather-resistant and versatile:
    From extreme temperatures to adverse weather conditions, this cable showcases its strength in various environments.
  • Mastering rugged environments:
    Thanks to its exceptional oil and drilling fluid resistance, it's the ideal choice for high-wear environments.
  • Certified for the North American region:
    The UL/CSA certification according to technical specifications opens doors to the North American market and guarantees the highest quality.

Are you convinced of the benefits of LAPP ÖLFLEX® SERVO FD zeroCM?


The application areas of LAPP ÖLFLEX® SERVO FD zeroCM

Versatile applications for peak performance

The first 100% electrically symmetrical motor cables from LAPP are excellent as connecting cables between servo controllers and motors. They can also be optimally used in energy chains or for moving machine parts. They find particular application in assembly and placement machines, as well as in machine tools and transfer lines.

Conveyor belts, assembly lines, and production floors are additional areas of application, just like machines of all kinds. Due to their versatility, they are suitable for use in various types of machinery.

Technical specifications for LAPP ÖLFLEX® SERVO FD zeroCM

Conductor Finely stranded bare Cu conductors according to IEC 60228 or EN 60228, Class 6
Conductor Insulation Material PP
Shielding Braid of tinned copper wires, coverage = 85% (nominal value)
Outer Jacket Material PUR
Nominal Voltage 600 V/1000 (IEC U0/U)
1000 V (UL/CSA)
Test Voltage 4000 V
Minimum Bending Radius fixed installation 5 x outer diameter
flexing 10 x outer diameter
Temperature Range fixed installation -40 °C to +90 °C (UL/CSA +80°C)
flexing -50 °C to +90 °C (UL/CSA +80 °C)
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Buy LAPP ÖLFLEX® SERVO FD zeroCM at Bürklin Elektronik

With cross-sections ranging from 1.5 mm² to 16 mm², varying conductor counts, and different outer diameters, we offer you diverse options. Choose the perfect variant according to your individual project requirements:

LAPP no. Number of cores Cross section per conductor Outer diameter  
1023470 3 x 1.5 mm² 1 G 1.0 mm² approx. 13 mm View product
1023471 3 x 2.5 mm² 1 G 1.5 mm² approx. 14.8 mm View product
1023472 3 x 4.0 mm² 1 G 2.5 mm² approx. 18 mm View product
1023473 3 x 6.0 mm² 1 G 4.0 mm² approx. 20.5 mm View product
1023474 3 x 10.0 mm² 1 G 6.0 mm² approx. 23.7 mm View product
1023475 3 x 16.0 mm² 1 G 10.0 mm² approx. 28.2 mm View product

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about LAPP ÖLFLEX® SERVO FD zeroCM

What is the zeroCM® technology?

The zeroCM® technology from LAPP employs a special stranding technique that eliminates magnetic couplings and reduces capacitive couplings to a minimum. Using this cable results in a significant reduction of low- and high-frequency leakage currents at the frequency converter as well as within the system environment. Capacitance optimization leads to a reduction in cable charge currents when using power electronics.

The cable-conducted emitted interference of active components can generally be reduced by longer cable installation lengths. The electromagnetically symmetrical structure of zeroCM® cables ensures that the reference potential remains free from interference even for high power levels and long cable lengths. The grounding concept is formed from the cross-section of the protective conductor and the defined cross-section of the shielding braid.

Can I use ÖLFLEX® SERVO FD zeroCM outdoors?

Yes, you can easily use the cable outdoors. It is highly weather-resistant and designed for demanding outdoor applications.

What UL/CSA certification does the product have?

ÖLFLEX® SERVO FD zeroCM is certified for 1000 V according to UL/CSA technical specifications. This certification ensures not only the highest quality but also allows for its use in North American installations.

Can I use it in oily environments?

Absolutely, the cable is highly resistant to oil and drilling fluids, making it an optimal choice for rugged environments where these fluids are present.

In what applications can I use it?

LAPP ÖLFLEX® SERVO FD zeroCM is extremely versatile and is ideal for a variety of applications. From servo controllers and motors to energy chains, assembly machines, machine tools, transfer lines, conveyor belts, production lines, and much more – the possibilities are nearly limitless.

How does the zeroCM® technology affect EMC interference?

The zeroCM® technology not only minimizes leakage currents but also significantly reduces electromagnetic interference (EMI). This creates a smooth and disturbance-free operational environment that optimizes the performance of your systems.

Is it suitable for moving machine parts?

Yes, the cables adhere to the LAPP 'Core Line' performance class, which means they are particularly durable and are ideally suited for use in drag chains with medium travel distances or increased accelerations.

What temperatures are possible?

ÖLFLEX® SERVO FD zeroCM is highly temperature-resistant. It can operate at temperatures ranging from -40°C to +90°C for fixed installations and from -50°C to +90°C for moving applications.

Why is the UL/CSA certification important?

The UL/CSA certification according to technical specifications is of great importance as it not only confirms the product's quality but also allows for its use in the North American region where high standards apply.

What benefits does the cable offer in terms of EMC protection?

The zeroCM® technology not only provides reduced leakage currents but also minimizes electromagnetic interference. This results in stable and reliable performance of your systems, even in demanding environments.