BMV Elektronik Fertigung GmbH

Cooperation at eye level for over 30 years

BMV Elektronik Fertigung GmbH was founded 33 years ago as a small medium-sized company in Martinsried near Munich.

In the course of time, SMD and THT PCB assembly in pure and mixed form has been added to the former core competences of assembling THT PCBs, mounting and wiring assemblies. Another focus is the manufacture of cables.

From the assembly of individual components to complete systems and control cabinets, BMV Elektronik Fertigung GmbH manufactures in small and medium quantities. On request, it tests assemblies according to customer specifications and creates the corresponding test protocols, which are both supplied and archived.

Of course, the service also includes the procurement of components with special attention to speed, availability and the best possible prices. To ensure medium- and long-term supply security, the company offers agreed stock purchases of components and blanket orders.

In order to meet the associated demands, it is essential to work together with reliable partners. From the very beginning, Bürklin Elektronik has supplied a very large proportion of components from a wide range of areas. These include measurement technology and tools, a wide range of active and passive components, cables and electromechanical components.

The expert advice in the service department is always helpful at BMV, as is the reliably fast quotation system. If the standard delivery on the next working day is not sufficient, the local Bürklin Elektronik delivery service by courier is available for such unexpected situations.

The many satisfied customers have remained loyal to BMV for decades and swear by the flexible and committed service as well as the high quality required of an ISO 9001 certified manufacturing company.

Also due to the support through Bürklin Elektronik, BMV was able to maintain production without interruptions even in the event of delivery bottlenecks and component availability problems.

BMV supplies customers from a wide range of industries, including medical technology, mechanical engineering, aerospace, nuclear power, automotive and many more.

Due to steadily increasing demand, BMV has worked on further expanding SMD production in recent years. After the PCBs have been assembled with the modern automatic assembly machines, they are gently soldered in a vapor phase. This is followed by a final inspection using an AOI system to ensure consistent and flawless quality.

At the customer‘s request, flux residues and other impurities can be removed from the circuit boards in a cleaning machine specially provided for this purpose.

The BMV team is there for you every day with passion and full commitment to meet the demands of your products.