LTC1044CS8#PBF | Linear Technology

Voltage regulators, 9 V, SO8, 1.5 V

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Series: CHRG
Linear Technology
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Voltage Regulator, LTC1044CS8#PBF, Linear Technology

The LTC1044CS8#PBF is a monolithic CMOS switched capacitor voltage converter that is manufactured using the LTCMOSTM silicon gate process. The LTC1044CS8#PBF provides several voltage conversion functions: the input voltage can be inverted, doubled, divided, or multiplied.


  • Guaranteed Operation to 9 V, with No External Diode, Over Full Temperature Range
  • Boost Pin for Higher Switching Frequency
  • Lower Quiescent Power
  • 97% Min. Open Circuit Voltage Conversion Efficiency
  • 95% Min. Power Conversion Efficiency
  • Easy to Use


  • Conversion of +5 V to ±5 V Supplies
  • Precise Voltage Division, VOUT=VIN/2±20ppm
  • Voltage Multiplication, VOUT=±nVIN
  • Supply Splitter, VOUT=±VS/2
Technical specifications
Output current 20 mA
Input voltage 9 V
Enclosure SOIC-8
max. operating temperature 85 °C
min. operating temperature -40 °C
Assembly SMD
Country of origin US
Customs tariff number 85423390
RoHS conform Yes
Date of RoHS guidelines 3/31/15
SVHC free Yes