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Infineon Technologies is the largest producer of semiconductor technologies in Germany. The company in Neubiberg near Munich offers semiconductor and system solutions for industry. Infineon was founded after the spin-off of the semiconductor business of Siemens AG - meanwhile Infineon is a pioneer in this business segment.

Semiconductor solutions for the technical future

Since its foundation in 1999, Infineon has focused its core business on the production and development of energy-efficient semiconductor solutions, such as power semiconductors, microcontrollers, and other electrical components (e.g., sensors and diodes). The listed company is the global market leader in the segment of semiconductor production for the automotive industry and power semiconductors. Infineon Technologies' business areas include Automotive, Industrial Power Control, Power and Sensor Systems and Connected Secure Systems.

In its position as world market leader, Infineon is a driving force in the development of innovative semiconductor technologies to create sustainable solutions for industry. In doing so, the company relies on the highest quality standards in production. Bürklin Elektronik has the following product categories of the manufacturer in its range: diodes, power semiconductors, analogue ICs, power management ICs as well as microcontrollers and their development environments.

Top product categories from Infineon Technologies: Semiconductors & Co.

Infineon Technologies AG offers an extensive portfolio of various product categories to meet the expectations and requirements of modern industry. Semiconductors form the basis of numerous technologies and connect the real world with the digital world. To do this, sensors capture most analogue environmental information and transfer it into the form of digital data. Find out about the top product categories of Infineon Technologies AG at Bürklin Elektronik!

Power semiconductors

Infineon's n-channel and p-channel MOSFET field-effect transistors are designed to give products greater efficiency and power density, and to be more cost-effective despite increasing energy efficiency.

more cost-efficient despite increasing energy efficiency. In AC-DC applications - with the requirement for fast switching with low energy losses and high-voltage blocking capability - CoolMOS™ super junction technology is recommended for a more efficient power supply. Extremely low switching and conduction losses make switching applications even more efficient, compact, lightweight and protect them from overheating thanks to Infineon's CoolMOS™ MOSFETs.

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Power semiconductors from Infineon Technologies

Intelligent high-side and low-side switches

The intelligent high-side and low-side switches for 12-volt and 24-volt applications regulate all types of resistive, inductive, and capacitive loads. In addition, all switches have an intelligent protection as well as diagnostic function. Due to their excellent energy stability, they are perfect for switching very high inductive loads and drive relays. Infineon's intelligent low side HITFET ™ MOSFETs are the ideal solution for automotive and industrial applications and can drive inductive, capacitive, and resistive loads up to 10A. The family is perfect for applications where high energy efficiency and robustness are important. Infineon's PROFET™ High Side switches are also characterised above all by the combination of a small form factor with nevertheless low internal resistance (RDS(on)). With these products, the company makes an essential contribution to maintaining industrial quality and safety standards.

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Intelligent high-side and low-side switches from Infineon Technologies

Top products from Infineon Technologies


By controlling and amplifying electronic currents or voltages, transistors fulfil important functions in the implementation of electrical circuits. Transistors usually have three connection points: two for the function as input and output electrodes and one connection point for controlling/influencing the incoming signal.

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Transistors from Infineon Technologies

Semiconductor diodes

Schottky diodes from Infineon are used when low forward voltage drop or fast switching is required. Their main feature is that they can switch more quickly between blocking and conducting. Therefore, they are a good choice especially in high-frequency applications. Their low forward voltage and junction capacitance make these devices an excellent choice for power detection and mixing functions at frequencies up to 24 GHz.

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Semiconductor diodes from Infineon Technologies

Intelligent high-side and low-side switches

Infineon Technologies enables a decentralised and innovative power supply network in vehicles with its Power-PROFET™ switches. Specially designed for the automotive sector, the manufacturer's product solution reduces the amount of wiring required. As a result, the intelligent high-side switches are far more cost-efficient than conventional switches. Here Infineon combines its outstanding low RDS(on) MOSFET technology with a variety of intelligent treasure circuits together integrated in one chip. They also provide an effective replacement for electronic relays and fuses in power distribution systems - with up to 42 amps DC.

Intelligent high-side and low-side switches from Infineon Technologies