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Lead/Lithium Accumulators

Lead/Lithium Accumulators

For the remote control unit, the digital camera, the soldering iron for PCBs, or the storage of solar energy – our product range offers a wide selection of rechargeable batteries of all kinds. Nickel metal hydride rechargeable batteries are used with LED lamps, remote control units, electric tools, and cordless telephones, for example. They are especially powerful and long-lived, since they are subject the memory effect and resultant loss of capacity after repeated charging and discharging. Solder contacts make PCB assembly possible for a data back-up application, for instance. Rechargeable lead batteries in block form are suitable for use in solar applications in car-park ticket machines, roadside emergency telephones, and vacation homes, among other things. Maintenance-free, long-lived, and completely recyclable, they are friendly to both your pocketbook and the environment. From button cell to industrial battery, all our articles have been carefully selected and tested – we take our quality pledge seriously.

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