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Cable Lugs, Receptacles, Flat Plugs

Cable Lugs, Receptacles, Flat Plugs

Spade connectors and cable lugs are used for easy connections between solid core or stranded core conductors of cables. For cable lugs, the contact is made either by bolting on to an eye or a fork. In respect of the cable lugs the distinction is made between crimped cable lugs and compression cable lugs. Crimped cable lugs have conductor clamping flaps of metal, which initially project upwards. Crimp pliers are used to fold these flaps inwards and downwards so that they clamp on to the exposed end of the conductor. This forms the joint with the conductor. Compression cable lugs have a closed socket of thicker material, which is deformed by crimp pliers. This forms a positive lock on to the conductor. Spade connectors are also attached to the conductor by crimping. To form the connection, these are inserted into a suitable spade lug socket.

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