WIMA is a German, family-owned company. Currently, the expert in the field of capacitors is represented at four locations: Mannheim, Berlin, Aurich and Unna. The producer relies on innovations and state-of-the-art technology in the development of its models and has thus been able to help shape groundbreaking trends in the past.

The manufacturer's first-class products are primarily used in the industrial and medical electronics sectors, as well as in the automotive and lighting industries.

WIMA: a family business

The name WIMA comes from the founder of the capacitor manufacturer: Wilhelm Westermann. In 1948, he laid the foundation for the family-owned company, which - unlike many competing companies that emerged at the same time - is still run independently and by members of the Westermann family. The company manufactures its high-quality capacitors exclusively in Germany. In doing so, the company management focuses on efficient manufacturing, the use of high-quality materials and an environmentally friendly production method.

From SMD to DC link capacitors

Only a few years after the first capacitor was manufactured at WIMA, the company established itself as a contact point for plastic film capacitors. The following years were characterized by innovation and optimization. The large-scale production of the first polyester capacitors in 1959 was a milestone in the company's history, as was the beginning of miniaturization in the early 1970s.

This was followed by the development of reliable pulse, SMD and DC link capacitors and the introduction of special supercap modules with very high capacitance. This was followed by a focus on the development of low-inductance DC link capacitors, which scored points with customers due to their space-saving design and low self-inductance.

WIMA top category

Top product category: Film capacitors

WIMA's film capacitors are used, among other things, in the high-frequency range. These include resonant circuits and power supplies, but also deflection circuits, oscillator circuits and audio equipment. The flame retardant plastic housing is mostly solvent resistant.

The products impress with their very good volume or capacity ratio. Many of the models are also characterized by the so-called self-healing technology: In this case, the film capacitor has thin aluminum layers that have been attached to the insulating film as conductive electrodes in a vacuum. If a breakdown should occur, the short-circuit current evaporates the thin metal layer around the fault location. This creates an insulating area at this point.

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 Film capacitors from WIMA

Top products: MKS, MKP and FKP film capacitors

MKS film capacitor MKS2C041001F00KSSD

Like most WIMA capacitors, this model also has ultra-thin layers of aluminum that evaporate around the fault location in the event of a breakdown. The result: An insulating area is created at this very spot.

Also in this model, the robust, flame-retardant plastic housing with epoxy resin seal is resistant to solvents. This condenser is mainly applied in the following sectors: Bypass, blocking, clutch and timing.

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MKS film capacitor von WIMA

MKP film capacitor MKP1T032207C00KSSD

This capacitor impresses with its improved electrical conductivity. This optimization was made possible by the integrated carrier layers metallized on both sides. This also doubled the contact area between the electrodes and the Schoopage layer.

This film capacitor also has the self-healing effect in case of breakdowns. The product is usually used in switching power supplies, televisions and monitors, audio and video equipment and lighting systems.

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MKP film capacitor from WIMA

FKP film capacitor FKP2D022201L00ESSD

The advantages of this product are the easy contactability of the metal foil electrodes and the good pulse strength. This optimization is made possible by an innovative design principle: The functionality of the FKP capacitor is based on a pulsating design and a tight tolerance (plus/minus 2.5 percent), and the component impresses with a very low dissipation factor and dielectric absorption.

This model is mainly used for time measurements, in oscillating circuits and in LC filtering and is installed in various audio devices.

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 FKP film capacitor from WIMA