BLOCK Transformatoren-Elektronik GmbH looks back on more than 80 years of company history and has developed into a leading manufacturer of transformers, power supplies, circuit breakers, chokes and EMC filters. The company has a research and development center with more than 80 professionals who take care of product development, production, quality assurance and certification. All BLOCK products are manufactured in-house and tested in its own EMC laboratory.

BLOCK offers solutions for various business and industrial sectors and ensures a perfect power supply for systems and equipment. With more than 1000 employees worldwide, BLOCK is one of the largest employers in the northern German region of Verden. The company is characterized above all by its global growth course and has 38 locations, 16 companies and four manufacturing sites in Germany, the USA and China.

Transformers: Product of entrepreneurial birth

BLOCK Complete portfolio at Bürklin Elektronikk

The origins of BLOCK lie in the production of transformers, which play an important role as essential components in technical processes and are used primarily to adjust voltage levels in applications. Transformers not only enable the creation of new network forms, but also ensure permanent adaptation of downstream equipment to the required voltage level, regardless of operating conditions.

With his extensive standard portfolio of mains, control, safety, isolating and autotransformers, BLOCK always offers the perfect choice for individual system design. The products are the ideal choice for a reliable and functional solution.

Top products from BLOCK: Voltage transformers, power supplies, circuit breakers and wires

Universal helper for overload - USTE 1600/2x115

The USTE series control transformers are specially designed to provide universal voltage matching and isolation of input and output circuits. In addition, they also meet the stringent requirements of the safety and isolation transformers.

The USTE 1600/2x115 offers numerous features and advantages: It has low inrush current and offers safe galvanic isolation. It also has a universal input voltage range and BLOCKimpex vacuum impregnation, which provides excellent corrosion protection. With low noise and push-in terminals for quick wiring, it is extremely user-friendly. It can also be mounted on mounting rails, thanks to the combined footplate that supports up to 250 VA. The wide input voltage range of 208 V - 600 V and UL Listed approval complete the overall package.

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Control transformers from BLOCK

Power supplies and electronic circuit breakers from BLOCK

BLOCK is the manufacturer for individual requirements in the field of electronics. With one of the most comprehensive portfolios of switched-mode power supplies, electronic circuit breakers and uninterruptible power supplies, BLOCK offers reliable power supply and distribution as well as protection from small controls to comprehensive machine and plant systems. Whether powerful, robust, compact or modular products - BLOCK's product ranges set the definitive standards.

Especially in the context of Industry 4.0, the power supply solutions from BLOCK are characterized by comprehensive features. Among other things, this is made possible by remote control and switching of individual channels, monitoring of the service life of the devices, extensions of compatible interfaces, and comprehensive monitoring and control of plant systems. BLOCK is therefore the ideal partner for complex requirements in the electronics sector.

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power supplies & electronic circuit brakers from BLOCK

Maximum supply with minimum space requirement - PCC-0124-100-2

The Power Compact Champ (PCC) from BLOCK are universal single-phase power supplies suitable for a wide range of applications and industries. With their compact design and robust electrical and mechanical nature, they meet all requirements. In the event of high starting or inrush currents, up to 150 % is available for 5 s and 110 % is available permanently as a static power reserve. The high efficiency of the PCC contributes directly to reducing energy costs and CO2 emissions in every application. Thanks to their compact design, they save space on the DIN rail and can be used in space-optimized control cabinets.

The PCCs offer numerous advantages, including high reliability and service life, high efficiency and compact design. They are protected against shock and vibration as well as transient mains overvoltages. They also have a wide range of safety standards and approvals and meet the latest EMC standards. The PCCs are a best-in-class solution.

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Power Compact Champ (PCC) from BLOCK

Selective fuse protection of DC circuits - PC-0724-800-0

The Power Compact circuit breaker in the Economy Smart version with thermomagnetic tripping characteristic is an excellent alternative to conventional miniature circuit breakers. It offers safe tripping, even with high line resistances, and is perfectly suited for use in device and series machine construction. The circuit breaker has 8 channels, which allow for a small overall width and thus free up space in the control cabinet.

Outstanding features and benefits of the Power Compact circuit breaker include its ability to reliably switch on high capacitances (>50,000 mF), the ability to diagnose and remotely switch channels via two lines, an adjustable rated current per channel, a remote reset contact, and a summing alarm contact for easy remote diagnostics. In addition, the circuit breaker can switch channels sequentially and load-dependently.

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Multi-channel circuit breaker from BLOCK

Copper wires and strands from BLOCK

BLOCK offers a wide range of copper wires and strands suitable for various applications. The triple insulated copper wires CU-TIW are used as insulated winding wires in switching power supply transformers. The enameled copper wire CUL is ideal for the production of coils and windings as well as for general laboratory use.

The lacquer-insulated high-frequency copper strands CLI are suitable for the high-frequency range. Also available are the CLI-S HF stranded wires, which consist of twisted, enamel-insulated wires with a common textile covering. BLOCK thus offers the right solution for every requirement in the field of copper wires and stranded copper wires.

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copper wires & strands from BLOCK