Wireless Transceiver

Wireless Transceiver

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Find power-efficient semiconductors such as relays, optocouplers, thyristors and diodes in the Bürklin Elektronik online store. Together with our product partners, we offer you existing electronic components as well as new products shortly after their market launch.

Use our filter function to find the right component for your desired application area with just a few clicks! Whether you need components based on elemental semiconductors such as silicon or germanium, or are looking for organic semiconductors such as for light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) - you will find what you are looking for at Bürklin Elektronik.

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If you have any open questions about individual products or if you have any queries about your order, please do not hesitate to contact our staff. We will be happy to help you at the e-mail address info@buerklin.com. Further information on the semiconductors available from us can be found in our online magazine.

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Z-Wave 700 modem EFR32ZG14P231F256GM32-BR
Order No.:
 Silicon Laboratories
Manufacturer SKU
2500 pcs.
7.57 €
0.00 € *
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Z-Wave 700 modem
902-928 MHz, 2400-2483.5 MHz, 5725-5850 MHz
Single conversion receiver, 400-440 MHz, 810-870 MHz, TSSOP-28, TDA7210
Order No.:
 Infineon Technologies
Manufacturer SKU
10 pcs.
1.83 €
100 pcs.
1.67 €
500 pcs.
1.52 €
1000 pcs.
1.40 €
3000 pcs.
1.31 €
0.00 € *
Currently not in stock, we will order for you
Single conversion receiver
400-440 MHz, 810-870 MHz
RF Transceiver O-QPSK 3.3V AT86RF231-ZU
Order No.:
Manufacturer SKU
490 pcs.
6.21 €
0.00 € *
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RF Transceiver
2.4 GHz
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