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Fluke Corporation is a US and international company. Fluke supplies test and measurement equipment for the installation, maintenance, and servicing of electronic and electrical systems. The products are used in industry, power supply, medical and building technology, electrical installations as well as in precision measurement and quality assurance.

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Fluke Corporation: Measuring instruments and measurement technology for over 70 years

When quality becomes measurable: Fluke Corporation has been operating since 1948 as a manufacturer of professional testing equipment - from non-contact test equipment to thermal imaging cameras and laser rangefinders. The company is headquartered in Everett, Washington State. The company has always been committed to the highest quality. With the introduction of the Type 8020A handheld digital multimeter, Fluke created new standards in the field of commercial digital multimeters.

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Today, the Fluke range includes numerous measurement tools designed primarily for field use - especially for demanding tasks, e.g., portable oscilloscopes or thermal imaging cameras.

Fluke measurement technology and instruments set benchmarks: Fluke focuses its products on portability, ruggedness, safety, ease of use and uncompromising quality standards. As a result, the instruments are of the highest quality and meet the increasing expectations of customers and users (e.g., engineers, measurement technicians or network and IT specialists).


Fluke Corporation tools are used in a wide variety of applications. The innovative measurement tools ensure greater efficiency and precision in manufacturing and measurements. This ensures production quality while minimizing potential sources of error.


Top product categories: Measuring instruments and technologies as well as software solutions for industry.

As a global player in the production, sales and service of electronic test equipment and software solutions for industrial fields, Fluke Corporation offers a large product portfolio: from calibrators for the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries to sound cameras, temperature, and ultrasonic cameras for monitoring technical equipment.

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Measuring instruments and technologies

The US company produces a wide variety of measuring instruments for industry: basic models, battery analyzers, current clamps, digital multimeters, grounding meters, installation testers, insulation meters, and portable oscilloscopes.

Setting a benchmark in oscilloscopes and test equipment are the patented ScopeMeters®: battery-powered and with separate electronic floating inputs and integrated functions, they help streamline work processes with Fluke oscilloscopes.

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Calibrators for process and equipment optimization

For decades, Fluke has provided its customers with specialized calibrators for the maintenance, setup, and adjustment of sensitive process instruments. Adapted to specific applications, Fluke calibrators meet the highest quality standards.

The product range includes pressure, multifunction and temperature calibrators as well as numerous current loop measuring instruments. The company thus makes an essential contribution to ensuring industrial quality and safety standards.

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Industrial cameras

To be able to support the safety and quality of plants and work processes, Fluke relies on innovative technology concepts in the further development of industrial camera systems. The US company's product range includes high-resolution sonic, ultrasonic, and thermal imaging cameras.

For optimal data collection and analysis, users can capture still images, video, and UV images (relating to processes within the analogs).

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Top Products: Digital multimeters, oscilloscopes and non-contact voltage testers from Fluke.

Digital multimeters

To measure electronic quantities, the use of a multimeter is useful. It measures currents and voltages in devices or systems with DC or AC voltage, as well as electrical resistance.

In addition to the basic functions, the Fluke 175 True RMS digital multimeter provides measurements of frequency, capacitance, continuity, and diode functions. The display hold and auto hold help with data acquisition.

ScopeMeter® series oscilloscopes

The powerful 190 II Series ScopeMeters® are designed for troubleshooting within electrical and electronic equipment in industrial applications. The portable oscilloscopes make measurements possible under difficult conditions. The handy ScopeMeters® combine oscilloscope, multimeter and recorder - applicable in installation, commissioning, and maintenance of industrial plants.

Fluke ScopeMeters® use a Connect-And-View™ mode for data transmission. This makes it possible to test even complex signals.

Voltage testers from Fluke

Fluke's VoltAlert 1AC II series voltage testers provide non-contact measurements. The integrated sensor identifies AC voltages from 200 to 1,000 volts without direct contact.

In this respect, the product has a wide performance range and ensures easy handling and a safe testing process.

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Product presentation - new in our product range!

New at Bürklin Elektronik is the Fluke 377 FC true effective DC/AC clamp meter with iFLEX™. Thanks to the new FieldSense™ technology, non-contact testing of voltages and currents on live line systems is possible. Power quality problems can be detected automatically - the precise fault diagnosis thereby shows whether the fault is in the power supply or in the connected equipment.

Good to know: With the Fluke 377 FC, fewer steps are required when measuring voltages and currents in three-phase systems.

The iFLEX™ current transformer enables measurement of AC currents up to 2,500 amps. The Fluke 378 FC current clamp is especially recommended for use in control cabinets with dense wiring and on conductors with large cross-sections.


Top seller from Fluke Corporation - the Fluke 175 product series

Bürklin Elektronik recommends the Fluke 175 true effective multimeters. The digital measuring instruments work extremely precisely, are reliable in use and extremely user-friendly. Fault testing and troubleshooting in electrical and electronic systems are possible.

Other functions and features: True RMS measurements of voltage, currents, frequencies, and capacitances as well as manual and automatic range selection, display hold and auto hold. Resistance measurement, continuity testing and diode testing are also possible.

The collected data is displayed on the instrument's digital display. All inputs are tested according to the safety regulations IEC 61010-1 for the overvoltage categories CAT IV 600 and V/CAT III 1,000 V.


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As a leading distributor of electronic components and services, Bürklin Elektronik GmbH & Co. KG offers extensive advantages when ordering and supplying electrical components. Central to this are first-class service and far-reaching specialist trade competencies in terms of all customer needs.

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