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Toroidal Transformers

Toroidal Transformers

Toroidal transformers, also known as ring core transformers, are a specific type of transformer - the term derives from the shape of their core, which can consist of ferritic materials as well as sheet metal strips and around which the copper wire is wound.

Toroidal transformers are mainly used in larger HiFi systems. The most important advantages of the round transformers compared to regular voltage transformers are their high performance in a compact design and their low magnetic leakage flux - this is due to the core being completely enclosed by windings.

You can basically distinguish toroidal transformers by the following characteristics:

  • Output power (expressed in Volt Amperes)
  • Secondary voltage (in volts)
  • Primary voltage (in volts)
  • The length of the connecting wires (expressed in meters)
  • Design or type (e.g. Flat ring core transformers)

Toroidal transformers from Bürklin Elektronik

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