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Mouses, Mousepads, Presenter

Mouses, Mousepads, Presenter

Precise input requires precise input devices that adapt to the user's needs. Ergonomic mice facilitate working on the computer by relieving hand and fingers from continuous stress. Accurate working, e.g. in graphics, is problem free when combined with fast, high-resolution laser tracking. Radio-controlled wireless mice offer even greater comfort. Having no slots or other openings, dustproof and waterproof silicon mice are suited for jobs involving exposure to dust or moisture. Another advantage: Damp cleaning is possible in case of heavy soiling. Special mice for notebooks and other portable devices are particularly mobile due to their compact dimensions. Mouse pads offer smooth mouse operation. In addition, an integrated gel hand rest, relieves the joints and facilitates work concentration.

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    Order No.: 10M1792

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    Touch Pen



    150 piece(s) €5.00
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    ROHS RoHS compliant version available, last updated: 31.03.2015
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