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Rethinking Cable Management: Sustainable Cable Ties Made from Bio-based Raw Materials

Conventional cable ties have a negative impact on the environment. But there is an increasing number of sustainable solutions from well-known manufacturers. HellermannTyton also relies on bio-based raw materials for its cable ties. Following the principle: reduce, reuse, recycle. We take a closer look at the sustainable cable ties and show how sustainable cable management can succeed.

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Reduce, reuse, recycle: Rethinking with HerllermannTyton

HellermannTyton focuses on a sustainable product range and concentrates on various aspects to achieve a positive impact on the environment:

  • Reusability: HellermannTyton offers detachable or reusable products that are suitable for various applications, reducing the need for disposable items.
  • Product raw material: Alternative raw materials such as non-fossil, recycled or compostable materials are used to minimise environmental impact.
  • Waste minimisation: The manufacturer offers zero-waste or endless products to avoid the generation of waste from excess material offcuts.
  • Packaging: They reduce or replace existing packaging with more sustainable materials to minimise the use of resources.
  • Recycling: Products are recyclable and can be easily returned to the cycle to optimise resource use.

Materials for production of sustainable cable ties

Different polymers and their carbon footprints

The production of plastic raw materials requires energy and generates CO2 emissions. Thermoplastics such as polyamide 6.6 (PA66), polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE), polymethylene (POM) and polyether ether ketone (PEEK) have different CO2 equivalents due to their manufacturing processes.

For example, polypropylene (PP) has lower CO2 emissions per kg compared to nylon (PA66). The properties of the raw material are influenced by additives, whose carbon footprint must also be taken into account.

Bio-based materials from renewable sources

HellermannTyton already offers products made from bio-based raw materials such as castor oil. These materials, such as PA11 or PA6.10, are strong, lightweight, flexible and particularly suitable for long-term outdoor applications.

Bio-based plastics are considered CO2-neutral, as plants absorb CO2 during their growth and release it again at the end of their life cycle. We are continuously testing polymers from alternative organic sources to maximise our contribution to environmental protection.

Creating sustainable cable management with HellermannTyton

Cable ties made from environmentally friendly materials from HellermannTyton not only ensure efficient cable management, but also greater sustainability in various applications – whether flexible, UV-resistant or reusable.

Premium cable ties made from PA11: T-series

Premium cable ties made from sustainable polyamide from HellermannTyton.
Premium cable ties made from sustainable polyamide from HellermannTyton.

The cable ties offer impressive holding power and performance, ensuring secure cable management even under extremely high UV radiation.

Made from sustainable polyamide 11 (PA 11), derived from the oil of the castor oil plant, these cable ties combine high tensile strength with environmental friendliness.

PA 11 is known for its robustness and is therefore ideal for use in solar installations, especially where temperature fluctuations need to be taken into account and metallic solutions are not suitable.

Cable ties made from renewable raw material: Robusto series

HellermannTyton Nachhaltige Kabelbinder der Robusto-Serie
Cable ties made from plant based vegetable oil.

Robusto cable ties are made from polyamide 11, a sustainable plastic based on vegetable oil. With an external toothing and rounded head geometry, they offer a low insertion force that enables easy manual processing.

The cable ties offer a high loop holding force with a single or double bar and are gentle on the bundled goods thanks to their soft material. They are also characterised by high UV resistance and retain their properties even at low temperatures.

They are conditionally resistant to acids, bases and oxidising agents and have low water absorption, which ensures their long-term technical performance. An integrated pre-locking function on the rear, upper head area rounds off their functionality.

Cable tie without teeth made of flexible TPU material: Softfix series

HellermannTyton Nachhaltige Kabelbinder der Softfix-Serie
Sustainable cable ties without teeth from HellermannTyton.

The elastic cable tie with rounded edges is a sustainable solution for your cable management. Even at low temperatures down to -20 °C, it remains flexible and can be opened and reused, which emphasises its durability and environmental friendliness. The double locking head enables easy parallel bundling, while the elongation tension ensures a very tight fit on the bundle.

Even pressure distribution on the bundle ensures secure fixing, even in a vertical position, and prevents it from slipping out. This cable tie is a reliable choice for indoor use and helps to make your installations efficient and sustainable.

2-piece fastening tie for edge fastening EdgeClip

HellermannTyton Sustainable cable ties with edge fixing
Environmentally friendly cable ties for edge fixing from HellermannTyton.

The pre-assembled 2-piece polypropylene cable tie with EdgeClip is not only an innovative solution for your cable management, but also designed to be environmentally friendly. Made from sustainable material that serves as an alternative to PA66, this cable tie offers a reliable fastening solution.

The head of the tie can be easily adjusted to the optimum bundle position to ensure a secure and efficient application. Suitable for bundle diameters from 1 mm and edges from 3 to 6 mm, this product is a sustainable choice for versatile applications.

Detachable cable tie with wing lock: REZ series

The cable tie from the REZ series is not only easily detachable and reusable, but also offers a unique head design for quick and easy application. With its wing lock, it can be opened effortlessly with just one hand, even under tension. It is also quick and easy to apply, even when wearing gloves.

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