Conductive and silver-containing epoxy coating and adhesives compounds,
type Elecolit 336

  • Good electrical conductivity
  • Excellent bonding properties
  • Contains neither copper, nor graphite

Silver-containing conductive adhesive,
type Circuit Works CW 2400

  • Outstanding electrical conductivity
  • For solder-less electrical connections

Metric IP 68 cable glands,

  • Assembly in seconds even in confined spaces
  • Up to 85 % time savings compared to standard cable glands
  • Degree of protection: IP 68 up to 5 bar

Polyurethane cast resins,
type copaltec PURe Durchsicht ST 45

  • For molding electronic components or LED lights sources
  • Can double the LED power
  • High degree of resistance against weathering and UV radiation

Stainless steel cable ties, INOX-MULTI-QUICK,
type SES IMQ..

  • Suitable for use at extreme temperatures (-80 to +540 °C)
  • With self-locking mechanism
  • Polyester coated version for sensitive cables

Detectable cable ties,
type HellermannTyton MCT..

  • For applications in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry, as well as in foodstuff production
  • Suitable for use in HACCP processes
  • Metal pigments in the tie facilitate tracing

Reusable cable ties,
type rapstrap

  • Can be reused, extended, and expanded
  • Also for double loop bundling
  • Can be cut after tying; the cut-off section can be reused

Spiral protection tubing,

  • For the protection of cable harnesses
  • Branching option at any position
  • Good resistance against chemicals and UV radiation

Liquid rubber,
type Plasti Dip

  • For gumming, coating, sealing, protecting, or marking
  • Bonds on most surfaces
  • Resistant against chemicals, 100 % water-proof and resistant to weathering

Mounting adhesives and sealants,

  • For indoor and outdoor applications
  • Bonds, mounts and seals most materials on almost any surface
  • Resistant against dampness and chemicals

Heatsink for LEDs

  • With adapter plate for LED modules from different manufacturers

Heatsink for LEDs

  • with SEPA fan LF 40B12
  • 3 different sizes

Cooling unit

  • With grooves for snap-on transistor retaining springs
  • 12 V and 24 V respectively in lengths of 75 and 100 mm


  • Programming via "Smart"
  • Lock with a 4-digit PIN
  • Sunrise / Sunset time calculable worldwide

Thermal transfer compound

  • Operating temperature: -50 to +200 °C
  • electrically non-conductive


  • weatherproof enclosure
  • suitable for LED lights

Schuko-style outlet

  • with screw terminals
  • sealing bulge, rear connection
  • splashproof IP54

LED automotive bulbs

  • Perfect light distribution
  • Wide range of different light colors
  • long lifetime

Ceramic capacitor arrays

  • with 4 capacitors of the same size 1632
  • Operating temperatures: -55 to 125°C

Pushbutton switches

  • double lifting contact system
  • as SPNC, SPNO or SPDT