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Thermometers/Hygrometers, Display Instruments

Thermometers/Hygrometers, Display Instruments

Using thermometers and hygrometers with a large display, the temperature and humidity of a room can be quickly read. Equipped with batteries, these instruments can be placed and operated almost anywhere. Professional devices can reliably provide a warning when limit values are exceeded in production areas, for example. Infrared thermometers deliver precise results even when placed at considerable distances to objects. The surface temperature of machines, lines or pipes can therefore be measured without any contact. Measuring devices for the food industry check the temperature of chilled foods such as fish, meat, or milk products. Thermometers for laboratories are highly accurate and can be used for calibration tasks, among other things. Temperature sensors are found primarily in measuring, steering and control technology. With their extremely sensitive sensors, they can check machinery and equipment.

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