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TFT displays

TFT displays

Nowadays, TFT technology is part of many LCD displays, such as those on desktop monitors and notebooks. TFT stands for Thin Film Transistor and indicates that the activation and alignment of the liquid crystals in the Liquid Crystal Displays are performed by transistors. These transistors impart the desired colour to each pixel. Generally, LCD and TFT are used as synonymous expressions. The advantages of these screens are the exceptionally flat format, a relatively low weight and a low power consumption. Programmable professional TFT displays are immediately ready for operation, thanks to their integral microcontroller systems, and can be individually configured for specific requirements. Different scripts or graphic functions are already incorporated. Intelligent displays can facilitate the operation of all sorts of devices. Touchscreen technology allows control elements to be summarised and simplified in graphical form. Applications are found not only in industrial machines but also in building automation. Thus fluorescent and incandescent lamps can be controlled using TFT displays, or information provided about the room temperature.

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