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Tantalum capacitors and polymer-tantalum capacitors

Tantalum capacitors and polymer-tantalum capacitors

A tantalum capacitor is a special electrolytic capacitor, where the anode is made of tantalum. Like all this type of capacitor, they are characterised by very small size coupled with large capacitance and low series resistance. For this reason they are particularly recommended as buffer capacitors in mobile phones, digital cameras and other small electronic devices. Their electrolyte – here manganese dioxide – which forms the cathode, is not liquid but solid. Therefore tantalum capacitors are also characterised by an extremely long working life. Polymer tantalum capacitors are regarded as particularly stable when subjected to changes in temperature, and exhibit a low series resistance (ESR, Equivalent Series Resistance). They are used for instance in circuits for power supplies to LCD TV sets, rectifiers, mains filters and in the power supplies to LED applications.

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