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Ring-core choke, 0.33 mH, 0.1 A, 1.88 Ω (1R88)

  • Current rating range: 100 mA
  • ohmic resistance: 1.88 Ω

Order No. 74 D 4376

Manufacturer name




Manufacturer No.



€ 133.28
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scale from 100 from 300 from 500
Price* per piece € 1.3328 € 1.1067 € 0.8806

Technical features

100 mA
1.88 Ω

Manufacturer information

Manufacturer name Fastron
Series TLC/0.1A
Manufacturer number TLC/0.1A-331M-00
Country of origin Hungary
Customs tariff number 85045095
The above illustration may deviate

Toroid Line Chokes (TLC)

FASTRON’s Toroid Line Chokes offer a wide range of Induction values from 10μH to 1mH. Over seven series, a current from 0.1A up to 10A is available.

They come in vertical mounted versions for THT assembly. The copper wire current density is around 6.5A/qmm. The core material is an iron-powder mixture giving high saturation currents.


Applied in power supplies, switched mode power supplies, output- chokes, control units, EMI/ RFI- suppression chokes, line filters.

  • Conformities

    RoHS compliant (08.06.2011)
    REACH not relevant
    PAK not specified
    PFOS not specified
    SVHC free (17.12.2015)
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