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Suppressor choke, 0.56 mH, 1 A, 0.585 Ω (R585)

  • min. inductance tolerance, relative: -10 %
  • max. inductance tolerance, relative: 10 %
  • Manufacturer name: Fastron 
  • Type: 09HVP 
  • Manufacturer No.: 09HVP-561K-50 
Order No. 74 D 4054
Manufacturer No. 09HVP-561K-50

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Plugable Inductors (Pin Type Coils)

FASTRON plugable inductors offer a wide range of inductance values from 1μH to 150 000μH, a high Q and also suitable for high currents and high voltages.

They come in shielded, tube and cap versions able to protect the winding. 


Applied in DC-DC converters and all types of electronic instruments, such as digital amplifier LPF and signal filtering applications.

Rated inductance 0.56 mH
Rated current 1 A
ohmic resistance 0.585 Ω
min. inductance tolerance, relative -10 %
max. inductance tolerance, relative 10 %
Manufacturer name Fastron
Type 09HVP
Manufacturer No. 09HVP-561K-50
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