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Single-board computers - Arduino

Single-board computers - Arduino

The Arduino platform offers you a quick and low-cost entry into the world of microcontrollers. The hardware consists of a small circuit board with a microcontroller and multiple digital and analogue inputs and outputs. The programming itself is done using the “C” or “C++” programming languages. For this purpose the hardware is connected to a computer. It is already loaded with the software and ready to use. Thanks to the starter kit and comprehensive information in technical manuals and the very active online community, entry into the world of single-board computers is today particularly easy. From actuating an LED to starting a motor, almost everything is possible within a very short time. Additional modules, i.e. additional boards, that can easily be plugged in and require no soldering extend the application spectrum enormously. This allows input devices to be connected directly, or the system connected to the Internet using by the Ethernet port. Arduino is used by novices and professionals, by students and programmers, for experiments and for creation of prototypes.