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Silicon capacitors

Silicon capacitors

Silicon capacitors are one of the latest developments on the market. The robustness of silicon as a constituent of the substrate and one of the electrodes determines the special characteristics of this type of construction: the extremely high stability in respect of fluctuations in voltage and ageing. Therefore these capacitors are ideally suited to the demanding requirements of applications in the fields of medical technology and aerospace, together with automobile electronics and industrial electronics. In addition, the variation in their capacitance is only around +/– 1 % over the very wide temperature range of approx. –50 to 100 °C. They are thus predestined for demanding applications in the engine compartment, and for electronic systems used in deep holes drilled by the gas and oil industry. Furthermore, their very low values for series resistance ensure outstanding noise characteristics for RF applications, together with very efficient operation for instance in the DC output filtering.

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